Which is better, sharp TV lcd-40g 100A or LG TV 42ld450-ca?
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Sharp lcd-40g
Sharp lcd-40g 100A:.

Which is better, sharp TV lcd-40g 100A or LG TV 42ld450-ca?

screen performance product type screen size 40 inches.
screen scale 16:9.
resolution 1920 * 1080.
high definition screen performance TFT (thin film transistor) active matrix driving mode 120Hz technology backlight type CCFL cold cathode fluorescent tube 3D TV LCD panel main parameters display color launch date December 2009 receiving system characteristic performance audio performance standard Body surround, support SRS virtual surround, support stereo, support multiple sound effect modes, support automatic volume adjustment, built-in speaker sound output power 20W, TV function service life power performance product power consumption 170W, sleep power consumption 0.8W, input terminal 2 × HDMI 、1 × TV terminal, 1 × AV terminal, 2 × Component terminal, 1 × D-sub interface, 3 × Audio interface, 1 × Earphone interface appearance other output terminal appearance size including base: 987 × three hundred and twenty-five × 689mm without base: 987 × ninety-seven × 626mm.
this TV is a new entry-level product launched by sharp.
there are not too many fancy functions, but only focus on better sound quality performance, coupled with the temptation of Japanese original panel, The super value price is still very attractive.
basic parameters.
product positioning Full HD TV.
screen size 42 inches.
screen ratio 16:9.
resolution 1920 × 1080.
backlight type CCFL cold cathode fluorescent lamp.
the best viewing distance is 3 meters.
image parameters.
support format 1080p (Full HD).
Other image features 1080p.
XD engine.
24 frame real cinema.
digital signal enhancement.
sound parameters.
output power 10 + 10W.
stereo surround sound.
other sound features Dolby digital decoding.
dazzling voice.
function parameters.
streaming media function support.
DivX streaming media play.
USB2.0 play support.
TV interface.
other interfaces 1 × USB2.0.
2 × RF input.
2 × AV input.
1 × Color difference component terminal.
1 × RGB computer input.
1 × Cam card slot.
power specification.
power performance 100-240V.
50 / 60Hz.
power consumption 190W.
other parameters.
body size including base: 1023 × six hundred and eighty-five × 261mm.
body weight including base: 14.9kg.
other performance simplink.
child lock.
terrestrial digital signal receiving.
machine card separation digital TV.
intelligent power saving.
TV accessories.
packing list TV body x1.
user manual.
battery (AAA).
remote control.
magnetic ring (this accessory is not available in all models).
power cord.
RF signal isolation
bracket screw X8 (M4) × 20) .
the base fixed screw x1.
personal opinion: you'd better buy sharp...
first of all, the two models are LCD series.
and they are all off the market models. In the primary market, they are all clean. LG's model has more functions than sharp's model, that is, it doesn't need an external set-top box.
this model has more functions than sharp's
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