Sharp TV in Chinese market
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Sharp accelerates the development of LCD TV market in China
Sharp will accelerate the development of China's LCD TV market.
January 9, 2008, Japan Economic News reported.

Sharp TV in Chinese market

in order to meet the growing demand for ultra-thin LCD TV in the world, sharp will speed up the market launch of energy-saving products in 2008, following the domestic and North American markets in Japan, In 2008, the world's demand for ultra-thin TVs will reach 96 million, The company plans to sell 9 million LCD TVs in 2007.
the sales volume is expected to reach 850 billion yen.
in this International Consumer Electronics Show on January 10, 2008.
sharp has not been idle for a moment, displaying a lot of products, Sharp also announced that it will increase its investment in LCD panels in the next year.
not only that.
sharp will also work with Toshiba to make a big contribution to LCD panels, In fact, aquos net service is to connect sharp TV sets through the network.
it allows users to create and watch small windows such as stocks and weather.
with the acceleration of color TV update in China's urban market,
flat panel TV consumption has gradually entered the stage of consumption popularization.
especially in recent years.
LCD TV in domestic market TV demand is growing at an average annual rate of 300%.
sharp has won the majority of Chinese consumers with its exquisite LCD TV production technology and high-quality products.
according to the data of "Research Report on consumer demand of China's flat panel TV cities in the fourth quarter of 2007" jointly released by China Electronic Chamber of Commerce and home appliance research group of China Development Center Market Institute, sharp was in Beijing in 2007 Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou ranked first in LCD TV salesWith the rapid upgrading of color TV sets in China's urban market,
the consumption of flat-panel TV has gradually entered the consumption popularization stage.
especially since 2003,
the demand of LCD TV in the domestic market has been growing at an average annual rate of 300%.
this not only brings new dawn to many "time-honored" color TV manufacturers in China, but also gives many "foreign monks" a taste of high profits Sharp, the "father of LCD", saw the joy of LCD market from germination to harvest after years of hard work.
sharp captured the majority of Chinese consumers with its exquisite LCD TV production technology and excellent quality products.
Sharp's LCD screen is the best and best in the world at present!!! Only sharp has this patent.
other Samsung's Sony's are not as good as him.
bad points can be seen from the standby diagram of any image carefully checked in the shopping mall. Generally, sharp's screen in Japan will not have bad points.
the disadvantage of sharp is that compared with the domestic Changhong, Samsung and Changhong will have machines that are more suitable for your price.
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