What software should be installed for sharp lcd-60uf30a to watch TV on the Internet?
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have a try:
Try it:
(1) find the built-in browser in the application interface of the smart TV or IPTV box.
click the browser to open it, and search the IPTV server with the remote control or self connected USB mouse, (2) if you can't find a built-in browser.

What software should be installed for sharp lcd-60uf30a to watch TV on the Internet?

you can download an Android browser (such as UC browser) or directly download the network TV server from the USB disk, (3) install the browser on the smart TV or IPTV box.
if the installation is successful, you can use it to search different IPTV playing servers.
if it is not successful, it may be that this version does not support your TV.
try the next browser again, Or go to the TV brand app store and find a tested browser to download.
install Android Software on the IPTV box.
generally, you won't encounter the problem that you can't install it.
(4) after installing the browser.
you can download the IPTV player server (client). It's better to install four or five different servers for standby, Such as TV cat, tomato TV, Taijie TV,
(5) if the installation on the smart TV is not successful, we need to see if there is a problem with the compatibility of the Android system on the TV.
it's better to go to the brand's app store to find the tested IPTV broadcast server.
(6) the IPTV server of the Android system can be installed on the IPTV box.
because of the network power The video box uses the original Android system, while most smart TVs use the modified Android system,Only the 2015 Sony TV adopts the original Android TV system, which is more compatible with the application software of Android (mobile phone) system.
this is why smart TV often needs to add another network TV box for convenience.
(7) open a network TV server.
select live TV or online video programs, Start watching.
different network TV servers provide different live TV and film programs.
sharp lcd-70ud30a main parameters product positioning LED TV.
network TV, smart TV, Ultra high definition TV screen size 70 inches, resolution 4K (3840 * 2160) screen scale 16:9 panel type X-Gen super crystal panel backlight type LED light emitting diode best viewing distance above 5.0 meters, image parameter refresh rate 200 Hz image technology, wide color gamut technology, intelligent contrast enhancement, audio parameter output power 10 W × 2 + 15W function parameters intelligent application external camera corresponding, application software download, video on demand, voice text input, intelligent interconnection, natural voice interactive network function, wired / WiFi digital all-in-one support backlight adjustment support, intelligent optical control (OPC) interface parameters HDMI interface 4 * HDMI / support (HDMI input signal) network interface 1 × Network Interface USB interface 2 × USB interface other interfaces 1 × Video input 1 × Component input 1 × Video output interface expansion card 1 × SD / SDHC card slot power consumption parameters product power consumption 250W standby power consumption 0.5W energy efficiency level 3 energy efficiency hardware configuration CPU dual core operating system Android 4.4.
the power consumption of the product is 250W
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