How about sharp 60lcd-su666a60
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Brand subject
Brand main body sharp.

How about sharp 60lcd-su666a60

model lcd-60su666a.
LCD panel (main body) Japanese original panel.
physical resolution (display) 3840 × 2160.
display scale (display) 16:9.
LED backlight classification (display) side entry.
brightness (display) 480nits (typ).
scanning mode (display) progressive scanning.
number of built-in speakers (audio) integrated speaker.
blue teeth function (function) support.
Internet function (function) support
system (function) Android 4.4.
CPU (function) 64bitcpu 4-core 1.2Ghz.
GPU 6-core GPU.
package size 1503 * 257 * 915mm.
without base (product size) 1355 * 86 * 791mm.
with base (product size) 1355 * 352 * 856mm.
with base (weight) 27.0kg.
without base (weight) 25 5 kg.
the parameters are as above.
1Source: Fulian, 4K UHD configuration is good.
I hope the following answers can help you with sharp color TV lcd-60lx960a Android system, image quality (under HD signal).
disadvantages: in non HD digital TV, the image quality is terrible.
the picture is very pale.
it has been ruled out that the reason is digital TV signal or set-top box.
finally, you can only manually set the image effect, The effect is a little better, but it is still not ideal.
the effect is better
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