How about sharp / sharp lcd-52nx265a
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Sharp / sharp
Sharp / sharp lcd-52nx265a. Main parameters 。

How about sharp / sharp lcd-52nx265a

Screen size 52 inches Size range 50-60。 LCD panel X-GEN resolving power one thousand nine hundred and twenty × 1080。 Screen scale 16:9 Bakelight Type LED。 Display parameters 。 Image features Smooth processing 100 Support format 1080p。 Input and output 。 HDMI interface two × HDMI input one × Y. Pb, PR component video input terminal. one × USB port. two × Composite video input terminal. Sound output power 10W × two 。 Electrical specifications 。 Power consumption (W) 129W standby power 0.5W。 Appearance parameters 。 Appearance size Including base: 1202 × two hundred and ninety-four × 752mm。 Without base: 1202 × seventy-seven × 728mm weight Including base: 22.5kg. Without base: 21kg..
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