Is LCD TV better than sharp or TCL?
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Of course, is sharp better than TCL? The price is also higher. If you are not sensitive to money, you'd better buy Sony and sharp
Of course, is sharp better than TCL, and the price is more expensive. If you are not sensitive to money, you'd better buy Sony and sharp.
here's an information for your reference<
Top 10 LCD TVs.

Is LCD TV better than sharp or TCL?

1 Samsung (China famous trademark.
national inspection free product).
2 Sony Sony LCD TV (world brand.
national inspection free product).
3 Hisense LCD TV (China famous brand.
China famous trademark, National inspection free product).
4 Sharp LCD TV (world brand.
national inspection free product).
5 LG LCD TV (world brand.
national inspection free product).
6 TCL LCD TV (China famous brand.
China famous brand, national inspection free product).
7 Skyworth LCD TV (China famous brand.
China famous brand, National inspection free product).
8 Toshiba LCD TV (world brand).
national inspection free product).
9 Haier Haier LCD TV (China famous brand).
China famous trademark, National inspection free products).
10 Philips LCD TV (China's well-known trademark.
national inspection free products) should know "screen" first when purchasing LCD TV.
LCD TV with wide viewing angle, hard screen, less tailing and less bad points should be high-quality LCD screen.
Philips LCD TV with national inspection free products should know "screen" first
as the favorite of flat-panel TVs.
LCD TVs, especially large-size products over 40 inches, have been listed as the first choice for purchasing flat-panel TVs in the Spring Festival by more and more consumers due to the falling price recently.
more than 70% of the cost of LCD TVs is concentrated on the LCD panel.
therefore, for LCD TVs, the price of LCD TVs is low, A high-quality LCD screen is very important.
there are no more than five manufacturers in the world that have the ability to cut large size LCD panels over 40 inches, including professional sharp ASV screen, LG Philips joint venture LPL LCD screen, Samsung Sony joint venture s-lcd screen, and Youda At present, s-lcd and LPL LCD screens are widely used by major brand manufacturers Today, the contrast has reached the national HD standard.
the visual angle has become a key factor affecting the display effect of the panel.
as we all know.
narrow visual angle has always been the most fatal key of LCD panel, which often leads to color deviation, With the development of technology,
S-IPS panel and PVA panel have adopted wide viewing angle technology, which greatly improves the viewing angle.
traditional LCD screen belongs to "soft screen"
with one touch, blurring and water grain diffusion will appear, The LCD panel with "hard screen" technology can reduce the pressure interference from the outside.
it can effectively protect the screen.
"hard screen" is more durable than "soft screen" and has more advantages in the cleaning of the display screen.
In stores.
LCD TV panels look similar. How can we tell whether it is a hard screen or a soft screen? In fact, the method is very simple, just use your finger to slide over the LCD screen. If there is obvious water mark on the place where your finger slides, it is called "soft screen."
on the contrary.
if there is no water mark, or the water mark is not obvious, So this is the "hard screen" panel.
million million million million million million million million MVA panel.
PVA panel, Hitachi's IPS panel, and sharp's ASV panel. Attention points.
1. No water mark.
more stable hard screen extrusion without water mark, stable and comfortable picture quality.
2 Wide viewing angle.
more wonderful 178 degree hard screen, wide viewing angle, panoramic view more wonderful.
3. Fast response.
smoother hard screen, extremely fast response, smoother motion picture.
4. High contrast.
clearer hard screen, ultra-high contrast, clearer pure black layer.
5. Long life.
more cost-effective hard screen, long life, 70000 hours, durable and more cost-effective.
6. Low power consumption.
more environment-friendly hard screen, low power consumption, low temperature, The LCD panel is the main component of LCD, which accounts for nearly 80% of the cost of LCD.
at present, there are not many manufacturers with panel manufacturing technology in the world.
in the world, LCD panel is the main component of LCDOnly sharp (sharp), Sanyo (Sanyo), Samsung, LG Philips, Taiwan's Youda and other manufacturers have core technology, and most LCD panels are assembled and produced with their panels.
at present, the quality and value of panels are divided into three grades: Sanyo and sharp of piggy belong to the first grade.
they are mostly used in high-end products, such as Eizo, Sony, VP, VG Series), the price is relatively high; South Korea's Samsung, LG and Philips belong to the second level, most of them are used in the display sold with the brand machine; Taiwan manufacturers such as Youda are in the third category.
Hanyu Caijing mostly gets a large number of OEM OEM orders based on cost performance; As far as I know, there is also a five generation line panel jointly produced by NEC SVA (Shanghai radio and television) with a very good price, Most of the ultra-low price models we can see on the market are such panels.
the bad point is that the liquid crystal panel can't display the pixels normally.
the liquid crystal panel is composed of many display points.
it is completed by the liquid crystal substance on each display point changing the light transmission state under the control of electric signal.
at 1024 × 768 resolution.
LCD panel has 786432 display points, so it is difficult to completely guarantee that individual problems will occur.
however, according to the current technical level, if the LCD panel with bad points is scrapped.
I believe that LCD display can only be a commodity with sky high price in the window, therefore, The number of bad points becomes the main basis for panel classification.
manufacturers generally avoid bad points to divide LCD panels.
LCD panels with no or few bad points are sold at a higher price, while those with more bad points are sold to small factories at a lower price to produce cheap products.
at present, the main classification standards are as follows:
panel manufacturer standard: Korean manufacturers.
less than 3 are Grade A.
Japanese manufacturers.
less than 5 are Grade A.
Taiwan manufacturers.
less than 8 are Grade A.
key indicators of mainstream LCD brands:
Grade AA: LCD displays without any bad points are Grade AA.
grade A: LCD displays with less than 3 bad points.
there is no more than one bright spot, And the bright spot is not in the central area of the screen.
Level B: less than three bad spots.
among them, there are no more than two bright spots, and the bright spot is not in the central area of the screen.
Level B: no more than three bad spots
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