Is sharp lcd-50v3a TV restored by Android system
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Yes. Sharp smart LCD TV lcd-50v3a.. Reference price: ¥ 3799 - ¥ 4099. Main parameters. Product positioning: Full HD TV, LED TV, Internet TV, smart TV. Screen size: 50 inches. Resolution: 1080p (1920 × 1080)。 Screen scale: 16:9. Backlight type: LED. Best viewing distance: 4.1-5.0 meters.. Audio parameters. Sound system: stereo surround. Output power: 8.5W × 2。。

Is sharp lcd-50v3a TV restored by Android system

Function parameters. Network function: wired / WiFi. USB media playback: support. Digital all in one machine: support.. Interface parameters. HDMI interface: HDMI × 3。 Network interface: USB interface × 2。 Other interface: video input × 1. Audio input × 1. Component video input × 1。 Expansion card: SD / SDHC slot × 1。。 Power consumption parameters. Power performance: 220 v. Power consumption: 85W. Standby power consumption: 0.2W. Energy efficiency level: Level 3.. Hardware configuration. Operating system: Android 4.2.. Other parameters. Time to market: 2015. Remote control: intelligent remote control. Fuselage size: including base 1124 × two hundred and fifty-five × 682mm, without base 1124 × seventy × 654mm。 Fuselage weight: 18.5kg with base and 17.5kg without base. Other features: application software download, video on demand.. Warranty information. Warranty policy: national joint guarantee, enjoy three guarantees service. Warranty period: 1 year. Warranty remarks: 1 year for the whole machine and 3 years for main parts.
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