High score! I'm going to buy sharp lcd46ge5a
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Sharp 46ge5a adopts the original advanced super vision black from Japan in ge5a series
Sharp 46ge5a adopts Japanese original advanced super vision black TFT panel in ge5a series, also known as ASV panel.

High score! I'm going to buy sharp lcd46ge5a

the ASV panel of ge5a not only has 1920 × 1080 Full HD resolution.
it also has an average trouble free life of up to 60000 hours.
other indicators such as contrast, viewing angle The backlight performance of LCD TV plays a very important role in color performance.
high end models before sharp all use four wavelength backlight.
this kind of backlight is better than ordinary RGB backlight in color performance.
ge5a series uses the latest four wavelength backlight.
it has been widely used It is named "RGB plus" technology.
with the popularity of HDTV and Blu ray movies.
the support for 24P format has gradually become the standard configuration of high-end TV this year.
this technology mainly enables TV to play back all kinds of blockbusters at the standard movie shooting speed.
it avoids the damage to the sense of picture fluency when 3:2 pull down conversion, Ge5a's 1080 / 24P technology is also a highlight that other sharp middle and high-end models do not have.
in addition to technology and configuration.
ge5a series of LCD panels, circuit boards, and various accessories implement very strict environmental protection standards in the production process; Some places also use recyclable environmental protection materials to make consumers safer and more comfortable in the process of using.
46ge5a adopts Sharp's extremely classic.
special appearance style for high-end models.
I think it's worth buying.
the first floor is right.
the first floor is rightIf you pay this price, you might as well buy a plasma! We do electrical appliances have a saying called: layman buy LCD, expert buy Plasma! LCD tailing is a problem. Even for Sony's 240Hz LCD TV, tailing is only reduced, not eliminated. But if you have to buy a LCD, Panasonic 42pz800c is better than sharp's LCD 46ge5a in color. At least people's face won't turn yellow, and the price is about 300 yuan more. You can think about it
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