Is sharp lcd-52lx765a 4K
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Sharp lcd-52lx765a is not a 4K TV, just a TV
Sharp lcd-52lx765a is not a 4K TV, just a 1080p TV... Screen size: 52 inches. Resolution: 1920 × 1080。

Is sharp lcd-52lx765a 4K

CPU: dual core. Production area: Japan. Product positioning: Full HD TV, LED TV, Internet TV, smart TV. LCD panel: X super crystal panel.. Product introduction:. Sharp lcd-52lx765a, full HD TV, LED TV, network TV,. Smart TV, LCD panel is x super crystal panel, backlight type is led. Diode.. Sharp lcd-46lx265a. Sharp TV is a bit more expensive than domestic brands, but the quality is really good. Picture definition, color and sound are domestic color TV can not be compared.. Basic parameters. Product positioning Full HD TV, LED TV. The screen size is 46 inches. The screen scale is 16:9. The resolution is 1920 * 1080. LCD panel and soft screen. The best viewing distance is 3.1-4.0 meters. Image parameters. Support 1080p (Full HD). Horizontal view 178 degrees. The vertical angle of view is 178 degrees. The response time is 30 ms. The screen brightness is 250cd / m2. The refresh rate of image feature screen is 50 Hz. TV interface. HDMI interface 2 * HDMI. Other interfaces 1 × AV terminal 1 × Color difference component terminal. Other parameters. The weight of fuselage base is 18.35kg, excluding 16.5kg. TV accessories. Packing list TV body X1 power cord X1 base X1 remote control X1 instruction X1 warranty card x1.
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