How about sharp lcd-80xu35a? how
Author:Zhu Xiaoting Time:2021-09-10 08:05 Browse(573)
Sharp lcd-80xu35a is a wonderful TV!
Sharp lcd-80xu35a is a wonderful TV! The price is about 60000.

How about sharp lcd-80xu35a? how

Sharp's quality is very trustworthy.
specific parameters:
screen size: 80 inches.
resolution: 4K (3840 * 2160) LCD panel: X-Gen super crystal panel.
response time : 5S.
HDMI interface: 3 * HDMI.
USB media playback: no data yet.
recommended viewing distance: more than 5.0 meters.
operating system: Android.
I don't know what others think The sharpness of this TV.
anyway, I like to use shock and terror to describe it, which may not be accurate, but I really think it's the clearest TV I've ever seen. After all, sharp lcd-80xu35a is the first 8K TV in the market! The new generation of four-color technology, X8 MEP professional image processing engine, new generation of bright color technology and new wide gamut technology are adopted,The resolution reaches 7680 × 4320, it can be said to redefine the definition of TV
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