Which is better, LCD TV, sharp or Sony?
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Sony. Performance and quality are the most important
Sony. Good performance and quality is the most important.
choose flat-panel color TV.
the TV we used to watch was basically CRT.

Which is better, LCD TV, sharp or Sony?

later, we had rear projection. Now we go to the store to have a look. It's the world of flat-panel TV. Here's how to choose flat-panel TV: 1. Decide the position of TV, such as living room or bedroom, Generally speaking, the size of the TV set in the living room is larger than that in the bedroom. Of course, there are different personal preferences. If you have a TV set, now for the purpose of updating, there is a minimum size selection principle. For example, if you used to watch 29 inches, you can choose 32 inches or more, if you used to watch 34 inches, you can choose 37 inches or more, and so on. Of course, there are also different personal preferences, The reason why we choose the bigger one is that the original TV is 4:3, which is close to the square, while the current TV is 16:9, which is rectangular, so there are visual differences.
there are two types of flat-panel TV on the market, one is liquid crystal (LCD), the other is plasmon (PDP), and now there is an LED (due to the start-up, the technology is not mature, the price performance is not high, So except here, and the trend of LED is OLED).
do you choose liquid crystal or plasma? Here's a principle: professionals look at plasma.
laymen look at liquid crystal; Large screen to see plasma, small size to see liquid crystal; Plasma and liquid crystal have different imaging principles and structures, so there are congenital differences between them. In terms of technical data and parameters, plasma is slightly better than liquid crystal, and each has its own merits. It is difficult to say which is better or which is worse, Here are some important parameters to analyze: a resolution, for the domestic market,There are two kinds of resolutions, 1366 * 768 is called standard HD (the national standard is 720), 1920 * 1080 is called full HD. In terms of watching TV programs and DVD, standard HD is enough. If you watch BD Blu ray, you need full HD. Of course, you can directly go to Full HD in one step, which means the cost is higher.
now there is another kind of Full HD called 1080p / 24P.
for movies, That is to say, it's more fluent to watch the film.
b-speed technology.
double speed can reach 100Hz (50Hz in PAL system), and quadruple speed can reach 200Hz, which means that the image processing is faster and the picture is fluent, but the human eye is 24Hz, so don't pursue this parameter too much.
C backlight.
originally used to use 3-color backlight, that is, red, green and blue, now 4-color backlight, with dark red, The color reproduction is more natural.
d 10bit LCD driver.
originally, it was 8bit.
e response speed.
in the unit of haos, the national standard is less than or equal to 20 haos. Now the product is 6 or 4 haos, and the smaller the number, the better. However, these data are based on the experimental data of the manufacturer. The actual situation will be greater than this value, and the response speed will be slow, resulting in tailing phenomenon, To solve this problem, we can reduce the response speed, adopt speed doubling technology, and use hard screen (most manufacturers use soft screen, do not overemphasize the quality of soft and hard screen).
other parameters such as dual screen, surround sound, output and input interface, etc, You can choose according to your own needs.
let's talk about the situation of plasma: due to the manufacturing factors of plasma.
generally speaking, plasma is a large screen, so the resolution can be directly selected as full HD, and there is almost no trailing phenomenon of plasma,With the development of technology, the phenomenon of screen burning has been greatly reduced, and its life span is almost the same as that of liquid crystal. Moreover, the color is soft, the sense of hierarchy is strong, the dynamic is the best, and the liquid crystal is brightly colored.
for our common people, they are all laymen, and the intuition of the eyes is the effect, But the eyes will cheat themselves.
the main function of the TV is to watch TV.
in addition to watching TV, there is also watching DVD. Generally speaking, the living room will be equipped with a home theater. In this way, the TV in the living room is large, and in addition to the TV program, it is watching DVD. Therefore, I suggest that plasma should be placed in the living room, LCD should be selected in the bedroom, and the size should be personal preference, and the resolution should be used, It's better to have multiple speed and 4-color backlight, and the smaller the response speed, the better.
sharp is the first choice for LCD.
next to Sony, because Sharp LCD is first-class and Sony's image processing technology is good.
plasma is the first choice.
Panasonic is the first choice, Secondly, Hitachi.
the specific size and model parameters can be found on the official product website.
domestic LCD panel production line:
the 5th generation line and below are mainly used to produce displays for laptops and desktop computers.
the requirements for some parameters of LCD materials are relatively lower; However, the sixth generation line, seventh generation line or higher generation line are mainly used to produce LCD TV, and the requirements of LCD material parameters are relatively high   Generally, the production line belongs to which generation according to the size of glass substrate: the substrate size of the highest stage of the 5th generation line is 1200x1300mm.
it can cut up to six 27 inch wide screen LCD-TV substrates, so the upper limit of the 5th generation line is 27 inch wide screen TV; The upper limit of the 6th generation of WEDM is 37 inches; The upper limit of generation 7 WEDM is 46 inches; The base plate size of generation 8 line is 2160x2460mm,It can cut up to eight 46 inch LCD-TV substrates and six 52 Inch LCD-TV substrates. 52 Inch is the economic cutting size of the 8-generation line.
it can cut up to six 52 Inch LCD-TV substrates   The higher the generation, the lower the cost and the more competitive it is.
the higher the generation, the higher the process technology and control level it needs, and the higher the generation production line represents the stronger the technical strength of the panel factory.
the higher the generation, the lower the cost and the more competitive it is   The world's LCD panel production lines mainly include Youda optoelectronics, Chimei electronics, sharp, Samsung and LG Philips.
these enterprises supply the panel demand of the world's major LCD TV brand manufacturers.
the world champion in the panel: the first is sharp ASV.
the second is three-star s-lcd, and the third is LG's IPS.
in the LCD panel industry, the world's champion is sharp ASV     It is undeniable.
to buy LCD TV, you still need to have a choice of LCD panel. At present, there are four types of panel used in flat-panel TV in the market.
they are divided into Taiwan screen: Youda and Qimei's MVA panel; Sharpscreen: exclusive ASV panel; Samsung Sony s-lcd screen: exclusive S-PVA half pixel grading technology; LG Philips: exclusive IPS wide view technology.
the     So many panels are distributed in the TV in the store.
How do we choose? In fact, according to the level, the first is sharp ASV, the second is Samsung s-lcd, the third is LG's IPS, and the last is Taiwan's Youda and Qimei.
at present, Taiwan's panel is the most widely used panel of flat-panel TV.
it has the advantage of low price.
it is widely used by various brands.
but in terms of image quality effect.
in this paper, we summarize the advantages of Taiwan's panelIt belongs to the medium level.
for consumers who choose low-end products.
Taiwan screen is the most suitable for you, and it is also the most practical.
for consumers who choose low-end products     The second is Samsung's s s-lcd and LG Philips's IPS.
in the high-end market, the two are the most quarrelsome.
LPL takes the lead in the 47 inch field.
it has the advantage of low price, while Samsung focuses on shaping the high-end image, focusing on the 40 inch and 46 inch market, However, at present, a few domestic brands are also starting to use them, such as Amoi.
these two kinds of panel TVs are suitable for high-end TV enthusiasts.
pursuing the shock brought by large screen and full HD, they are the first choice for friends who have high requirements for image quality.
    Finally, sharp.
generally speaking, Sharp's LCD screen is rarely supplied by foreign companies.
although the external supply is also a relatively backward old screen.
at present, there are still some brands in the market that can see the old sharp screen TVs with relatively backward specifications.
Sharp's LCD screen pays attention to color restoration and reality.
it has excellent bright pictures.
and it has the title of father of LCD in Japan.
generally speaking, Sharp's high-end TV is better, which is generally the first choice for noble people with good taste, because after all, the price is very expensive.
    So the best answer is to choose the right panel according to your own needs.
the best answer is to choose the right panel according to your own needs
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