How about sharp lcd-60lx755a
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Sharp lcd-60lx755a is not bad.
basic parameters . the screen ratio is 16:9.

How about sharp lcd-60lx755a

the resolution is 1920 * 1080.
LCD panel X-Gen super crystal panel.
backlight type LED.
the best viewing distance is more than 5.0 meters.
image parameters .<
support 1080p (Full HD).
scan mode support progressive scan.
horizontal view 178 degrees.
vertical view 178 degrees.
image feature system: PAL / NTSC / SECAM.
screen refresh rate: 200Hz.
sound parameters . audio enginetm.
DTS + Dolby.
built in loudspeaker.
function parameters .<
network function support.
USB media playback support.
remote control button remote control.
TV interface .<
HDMI interface 4 * HDMI.
other interfaces 3 × AV terminals.
1 × Color difference component terminal.
USB interface.
headset interface.
power specification .
power performance 220.
power consumption 195w.
standby power consumption 0.5W.
other parameters .
fuselage size including base: 1379 × three hundred and sixty × 851 mm.
without base: 1379 × seventy-seven × 826mm.
weight of fuselage with base: 28.5kg.
weight without base: 25.5kg.
weight of fuselageOther features: bestv bestv.
social sharing.
TV accessories .<
packing list TV body x1.
3D glasses.
remote control x1.
built in base x1.
manual x1.
warranty card x1.
3D glasses x1.
the one below said that 60lx550a was completely broken. I really doubt that you are a sailor.
HD interface 3 USB interfaces 2 network cable sockets 1 color difference with audio input 1 group of video with audio The 60lx550a does not support 3D and Android.
it is a full-function TV.
the 60nx265a has less 60 Inch function, less interface function and no VGA socket color difference and video Sharing means that if you use video, you can't use color difference. If you use color difference, you can't use video. Unless you really can't use these functions, you'd better recommend 60lx550a.
as for how about 60lx550a, I just started this model. This model is very good. Sharp's screen is the strength of LCD, and there are few comments and introductions about 60lx550a on the Internet Nonsense.
sell 60lx5450a, you can't be wrong.
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