Is sharp LCD 45t45a LCD panel Japanese
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Main body.
color black.
brand main body sharp.

Is sharp LCD 45t45a LCD panel Japanese

model lcd-45t45a.
backlight module (main body) w-led (side type).
screen size 45 inches.
LCD panel (main body) Japanese original panel.
product features.
physical resolution (display) 1920 × 1080.
display ratio (display) 16:9.
LED backlight classification (display) side entry.
brightness (display) 300nits (typ).
scanning mode (display) progressive scanning.
Screen brushing rate (display) 60Hz.
number of built-in speakers (audio) built-in speaker unit.
Internet function (function) support
system (function) Android.
CPU (function) Corte ˇ A53*2(64bit)@1.1GHz .
GPU Mali-720MP2* 2@500MHz64 Position.
package size 1116 * 675 * 139mm.
base (product size) 1018 * 588 * 60MM is not included.
sizeWith base (product size) 1072.5 * 610 * 204mm.
with base (weight) 10.7kg.
without base (weight) 10.4kg.
the parameters are as above.
source: fujicon, a subsidiary of Foxconn. The parameters show that the panel body of this product really belongs to the original Japanese panel.
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