How about sharp lcd-70su860 TV
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Liquid crystal display (LCD)
Liquid crystal display (LCD) for short. LCD, full name "liquid crystal display", translated as liquid crystal display, referred to as "liquid crystal display". Liquid crystal is a kind of material between solid and liquid. It is an organic compound with regular molecular arrangement. If it is heated, it will appear transparent liquid state. If it is cooled, it will appear turbid solid state of crystalline particles. advantage:. The picture is very good, support 4K, no light leakage, two consecutive days machine heating is not high, 4m wireless HD no pressure! Can be connected to the mobile phone U disk mobile hard disk to watch a variety of resources, the built-in software is simple, the built-in function is simple and practical! Physical shop half a day after the purchase of goods, installation master is very good, explain in detail!. Disadvantages:. There are few built-in software and few built-in movie sources. It is strongly recommended to use a set-top box. When switching between built-in TV software and network box software, I don't comment on the card and built-in memory. It doesn't make any difference whether there is an external connection (I think)! Few interfaces, enough for ordinary families! The edge of the work can only be considered good, slightly poor close!. Summary:. In favor of network TV, it is strongly recommended to configure network set-top box, with high cost performance and personal satisfaction. If you only watch TV this series is absolutely enough, the sound quality I can only say high volume, if you want a good experience, please connect external audio! other.

How about sharp lcd-70su860 TV

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