How about sharp lcd-65my63a
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Lowest price: ¥ 5570
Lowest price: ¥ 5570. The screen size is 52 inches. The screen scale is 16:9. The resolution is 1920 * 1080. LCD panel x super crystal panel. Backlight type LED light emitting diode. The best viewing distance is 4.1-5.0 meters. Image parameters. Support 1080p (Full HD). Moving image processing is 100Hz. TV interface. HDMI interface 3 * HDMI. Network interface 1 × 。 Other interfaces 1 × Video input terminal 1 × Audio input terminal 1 × Component input terminal 2 × USB interface. Expansion card 1 × SD / SDHC card slot. Other parameters. The operating system is Android 4.2. Energy efficiency level 2. Fuselage size including base 119.4 × twenty-eight point nine × 73.5mm without base 119.4 × eight point five × 70.4mm 。

How about sharp lcd-65my63a

The weight of the fuselage is 20.5kg including the base and 19kg excluding the base. Sharp lcd-60my73a. Specification parameters. Overall dimension (including base) 1355x352x56mm. Overall dimension (excluding base) 1355x86x791mm. Weight (including base) 27.0kg. Weight (excluding base) 25.5kg.
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