How about sharp color TV lcd-52ds52a
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Sharp color TV lcd-52ds52a
Sharp color TV lcd-52ds52a. Sharp lcd-52ds52a 52 Inch Full HD Android smart LCD TV. Basic parameters. product positioning Full HD TV, LED TV, Internet TV, smart TV. Screen size 52 inches. Screen scale 16:9。 resolving power 1920*1080。 LCD panel X super crystal panel. Bakelight Type LED light emitting diode. Best viewing distance 4.1-5.0 M. Time to market 2014. Image parameters. Support format 1080p (Full HD). Scanning mode Support point by point scan input. Moving image processing 100Hz。 TV interface. HDMI interface 3*HDMI 1.3。

How about sharp color TV lcd-52ds52a

Other parameters. operating system Android 4.2。 Energy efficiency grade Level 2 energy efficiency. Fuselage size Including base 1194 × two hundred and eighty-nine × 735mm without base 1194 × eighty-five × 704mm。 Package size one thousand one hundred and thirty-one × nine hundred and twenty-one × 253mm。 Fuselage weight 20.5kg with base, 19kg without base. Packing weight 27kg。。
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