How about sharp color TV lcd-40lx170a
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Subject. Brand sharp. Product model sharp color TV lcd-40lx170a. Model sharp color TV lcd-40lx170a. Product type LED TV. The color is black. Function ordinary TV. Specifications. The weight (kg) including the base is 11kg. The weight of single screen (kg) is 9.0kg. Port parameters. Interface support. Power consumption parameters. The power supply is 84w. The standby power (W) is 0.5W. The working voltage (V) is 220 v. Display parameters. The screen size is 40-43 inches. Full HD resolution (1920 * 1080). The response time was 4 ms. Core parameters. Smart TV is not supported. Sharp lcd-40lx170a configuration parameters screen size:   40 inches. resolving power:   1080p(1920*1080)。

How about sharp color TV lcd-40lx170a

LCD panel:   X super crystal panel. Response time:   No data available. HDMI interface:   2*hdmi。 USB media play:   Support, video, music, pictures. Best viewing distance:   2.6-3.0m. Operating system:   No data available.
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