How about sharp lcd-70su661a
Author:Liang Liang Time:2021-09-09 16:49 Browse(548)
sure... Basic parameters. It is more convenient to check the configuration with mobile client.. model. LCD-70SU661A。。

How about sharp lcd-70su661a

Characteristic classification. LED TV, smart TV, Internet TV, 4K TV, Ultra HD TV.. Time to market. 2016.. Screen size. 70 inches.. Screen scale. 16:9。。 Screen resolution. three thousand eight hundred and forty × 2160。。 Viewing distance. 5.0 meters or more.. Backlight performance. LED light emitting diode.. Image parameters.. Image performance. Wide gamut technology.. Sound performance.. SRS surround. Stereo surround.. Speakers. Two.. Input output.. Input port. HDMI interface, component video interface, USB interface. Yes, it's new in 2016.
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