How about sharp lcd-60ue20a
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advantage:. Four color technology, so that ordinary three primary colors are difficult to accurately describe the color can be vividly presented. Greatly improve the color expression, so that the clarity of the picture and 3D effect has a sense of presence beyond imagination.. Disadvantages:. The sound is thin!. Summary:. The family network function can enjoy the entertainment life freely at home!. Basic parameters. Product positioning LED TV, 3D TV, network TV, intelligent TV, ultra high definition TV. The screen size is 70 inches. The screen scale is 16:9. The resolution is 3840 * 2160. Backlight type LED light emitting diode. The best viewing distance is more than 5.0 meters. It was launched in 2014. Image parameters. Support format 2160p (ultra high definition). Moving image processing is 200 Hz. Sound parameters. Output power 10W × 2。

How about sharp lcd-60ue20a

Virtual surround sound. Function parameters. Network function support, WiFi. 3D display support. Remote control intelligent remote control. TV interface. HDMI interface 3 * HDMI. Network interface 1 × Network interface. Other interfaces 1 × Video input terminal. one × YPbPr component video input terminal. three × USB port. one × Fiber optic digital audio output. Expansion card 1 × SD / SDHC card slot. one × Smart upgrade card slot.. High end, atmosphere..
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