Is sharp lcd-60su465a a 4K TV
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Screen size:
Screen size: 60 inches, resolution: 4K (3840 * 2160).. LCD panel: Japanese original panel (SDP) response time: 9.5ms.. HDMI interface: 3 * HDMI. USB media play: USB supports video format: avi, MKV, TS, Trp, TP, Mets, VOB, MPEG, DAT, MOV, flv, MP4, 3gp, RMVB, WebM, DTMB USB supports music format: MP3, wma, FLAC, Ogg, WAV, WKA, AAC, m4a, mid USB supports picture format: JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF.. Operating system: Android (ver4.4) recommended viewing distance: more than 5.0 meters. It's a 4K TV.. Sharp lcd-60su465a, 60 inch, intelligent Ultra HD flat panel TV. It is a 60 Inch LCD TV with imported x super crystal panel from Japan. It has exquisite appearance design, metal frame with metal texture and suspended base, which makes it look grand and stylish... Operating system: Android (ver4.4). Screen size: 60 inches. Resolution: 3840 × 2160。

Is sharp lcd-60su465a a 4K TV

CPU: Platform: hi3751v510, dual core 1.2ghz/64 bit. GPU: 64 bit. RAM memory: 1GB. ROM capacity: 8GB. Reaction time: 9.5ms.
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