Comment on sharp lcd-60lx765a
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Sharp lcd-60lx765a
Sharp lcd-60lx765a.
basic parameters . the screen scale is 16:9.

Comment on sharp lcd-60lx765a

the resolution is 1920 * 1080.
LCD panel x super crystal panel.
backlight type LED light emitting diode.
the best viewing distance is more than 5.0 meters.
image parameters . high image quality processing.
Digital TV all in one.
sound parameters . function parameters of virtual surround sound.
sound system .<
network function WiFi.
TV interface .<
HDMI interface 3 * HDMI.
network interface 1 × Network interface.
other interfaces 1 × Video input terminal.
1 × Audio input terminal.
1 × Component input terminals.
3 × USB interface.
1 × Optical fiber digital audio output.
expansion card 1 × SD / SDHC card slot.
1 × Smart upgrade card slot.
sharp lcd-60lx765a.
sharp lcd-60lx765a 60 Inch Full HD 3D led network WiFi 4-core smart LCD TV  .<
basic parameters.
model lcd-60lx765a.
characteristic classification LED TV.
3D TV, smart TV, full HD TV.
screen size 60 inches.
screen ratio 16:9.
screen resolution 1920 × 1080.
high definition format 1080p.
Panel type: X-Gen super crystal panel.
backlight performance: LED backlight.
viewing distance: 4.7m.
sound effect performance.
built in loudspeaker.
sound output power: 10W + 10W.
input / output.
input port: HDMI interface.
component video interface, There are three USB interfaces.
three HDMI interfaces.
three USB interfaces.
network interfaces of other interface types.
SD card interface.
Hardware (function) parameters.
CPU dual core.
GPU dual core.
WiFi (WLAN) supports WiFi.
network function natural voice interaction.
application software download.
video on demand.
external camera corresponding.
voice text input.
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