Which is better for the latest sharp TV
Author:Wang Mingrui Time:2021-09-08 14:40 Browse(859)
Sharp lcd-46ds20a
Sharp lcd-46ds20a as a 46 inch foreign TV, sharp lcd-46ds20a less than 4K price makes it very competitive. This sharp TV adopts narrow frame design, X-ray super crystal panel and LED backlight technology, which can bring excellent picture quality performance when displaying movies, series or variety shows.. Sharp lcd-46ds40a.. Sharp lcd-40ds40a adopts x super crystal panel and carries Sharp's unique light transmission technology. Effectively improve the utilization rate of light and the opening rate of liquid crystal molecules, and suppress the light leakage phenomenon of backlight, making the black more profound and rich. Full HD LCD screen is adopted to welcome the new era of digital TV with 1920 * 1080 resolution, presenting excellent ultra fine pictures.. See how many sizes to buy, the latest sharp 60 inch lcd-60su470a TV, with intelligent voice search function.

Which is better for the latest sharp TV

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