How much is 32 inch Sharp LCD TV? How about the quality?
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Sharp and others are high-end brands, not cost-effective ones. 32 inches
Sharp and others are high-end brands, not cost-effective brands.
the low-end products of 32 inch sharp TV.

How much is 32 inch Sharp LCD TV? How about the quality?

they are not self-made LCD panels, but Taiwan panels.
the quality of models is almost the same as that of domestic products.
they may even be domestic products.
sharp, Samsung, Samsung, Samsung, etc LG and other brands, as the giants of self-made LCD screens,
have the news that their own machines do not use self-made screens, but use Taiwan screens on medium and low-end machines.
in the end,
in addition to sharp still playing the so-called "original imported" screen signboard to deceive consumers, other brands no longer express what screens to use, but ask the salesmen of the stores, Many of the components in the low-end products of Sharp LCD TV are domestic components.
LCD screen is a Taiwan panel. I don't know why some netizens would answer that it is an imported product. How to start? In short, as long as you don't choose high-end products (less than 10000 yuan, basically regarded as non-high-end), when you buy foreign brand LCD TV, it is basically domestic parts plus domestic OEM; There is no essential difference between domestic brands and foreign brands in terms of quality.
if you choose high-end products.
theoretically, foreign brands are undoubtedly the right choice, but they must be the high-end models that really use the original panel and technology.
32 inch LCD TVs are not included in this list.
although the price of LCD panels for small-size TVs is rising.
however, The continuous low price has made 32 inch LCD TV a new bright spot in the current flat-panel TV market.
I found that Gome is promoting a 32 inch LCD TV from sharp.
the price of 32 inch LCD TV is still lowThe model of the promotion model is lcd-32a33.
the promotion price is 3789 yuan. If you want to buy a high-quality bedroom LCD TV, you can pay attention to it.
sharp lcd-32a33 adopts fashionable appearance design.
it is mainly black color.
it is equipped with narrow frame design elements, It highlights the visual proportion of the screen.
a touch of silver arc decorative line.
adds a bit of flexibility, which makes the first impression of the whole machine very deep.
in the use of materials.
sharp reflects the sense of responsibility that its international manufacturers should have, and adopts environmental protection materials to reduce the burden of waste on the environment, Recycling resources.
32a33 adopts the Japanese original sharp ASV LCD technology, low reflection ultra black TFT LCD screen (indicated on the official website).
it has 1366 × 768 resolution and intelligent brightness adjustment technology.
due to different market positioning.
in order to distinguish from high-end models, The nominal value of sharp lcd-32a33 is 60000 hours.
the specific number depends on the actual use of the individual.
in addition, the interface of sharp lcd-32a33 is configured with two HDMI ports, PC input port, RS-232C port and some common ports.
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