How about sharp / sharp lcd-40lx450a TV
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Sharp / sharp
Sharp / sharp lcd-40lx450a TV: compared with lx440, it has more than one network platform, low refresh rate and poor image effect. Suggestions: Skyworth's Skyworth 42e610g, Hisense's Hisense led42k360x3d, Konka's led42x8300fx image effect is very cost-effective, joint venture Samsung's 40f4080 Sony kdl-42w800a LG 42ln5400 or 42la6200. Sharp lcd-40lx450a watch network TV method. 1. First, turn on the TV.. 2. Press the menu button on the remote control panel... 3. Select network settings from the menu.. 4. If it is wired, then use the network cable to connect the LAN port of router and the network interface of TV.. 5. Find wired or wireless settings in network settings.. 6. Wired choose to automatically obtain IP, wireless search WiFi name, and enter the password to connect.. 7. After the successful connection, the TV will be able to access the Internet.. 8. Open the network TV app, TV can watch network TV..

How about sharp / sharp lcd-40lx450a TV

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