Sharp LCD TV appeared what is the bad point!
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Causes and prevention of LCD bright / bad spots
Causes and prevention of LCD bright / bad spots.

Sharp LCD TV appeared what is the bad point!

1. Manufacturer's reasons:
bright / bad spots are also called LCD bright spots.
it is a kind of physical damage of LCD screen, which is mainly caused by external pressure or slight deformation caused by heating.
every pixel on the LCD screen has red, green, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, green, red, red, red, red, red, green, red, red, red, red, green, red, red, green, red Blue three primary colors.
they combine together to make pixels produce a variety of colors.
take a 15 inch LCD as an example.
its LCD screen area is 304.1 mm * 228.1 mm, and its resolution is 1024 * 768, Each liquid crystal pixel is composed of RGB three primary color units.
liquid crystal pixel is a "liquid crystal cell" formed by pouring liquid crystal into a fixed mold.
the number of such "liquid crystal cells" on a 15 inch liquid crystal display is 1024 * 768 * 3=2.35 million! What is the size of a "liquid crystal cell"? We can simply calculate: height=0.297mm, width=0.297g3=0.099mm! That is to say, there are 2.35 million "liquid crystal cells" with an area of only 0.297mm * 0.099mm under the area of 304.1mm * 228.1mm, and a driving tube is integrated behind the liquid crystal cell to drive the liquid crystal cell separately.
this production process has very high requirements for the production line, It can't guarantee that each batch of LCD has no bright / bad spots. Manufacturers generally avoid bright / bad spots to divide LCD panels, and supply those LCD panels with no bright / bad spots or few bright / bad spots to powerful manufacturers at a high price, while those LCD screens with more bright / bad spots are generally supplied to small manufacturers at a low price to produce low-cost LCD displays.
in this paper, the development trend of LCD panels is analyzed
technically speaking.
bright / bad spots are irreparable pixels on the LCD panel, which are produced in the production process.
the LCD panel is composed of fixed LCD pixels.
there are three transistors behind the 0.099mm LCD pixel, corresponding to red, green and blue filters, If any of the transistors fails, that is, a short circuit, the pixel will become a bright / bad point.
behind each LCD pixel, there is a micro driving tube to drive it separately.
if one or more of the three primary colors of red, green and blue fail.
then the pixel will not change color normally and will become a fixed color point, It can be seen clearly in some background colors, which is the bright / bad point of LCD.
bright / bad point is a kind of physical damage that can not be avoided in the production and use of LCD screen.
in most cases, it is produced in the screen manufacturing, It is also possible to cause bright / bad points when it is impacted or naturally damaged in use.
as long as one or more of the three primary colors that make up a single pixel are damaged.
bright / bad points will be generated, and damage may be caused in production and use.
as you know.
according to international practice, LCD has less than three bright / bad points within the allowable range, However, consumers are not willing to buy a LCD with bright / bad spots when they buy it, so it is difficult for LCD manufacturers with bright / bad spots to sell it.
How do manufacturers deal with panels with more than three or more bright / bad spots due to production technology? In order to obtain benefits.
some manufacturers will not discard these LCD screens. In most cases, they use a professional equipment to deal with the bad light / bad spots on these panels, so as to achieve the effect of no bad light / bad spots on the surface with naked eyes.
in this way, the LCD panels will not be discardedThere are also a few manufacturers that do not even deal with them.
these panels are directly put into production line, So as to reduce the cost.
this kind of products do have an advantage in price.
but they will produce bright / bad points soon after use.
at present, many low-cost liquid crystal displays on the market are made in this way.
so you don't want to be cheap when you buy liquid crystal displays, Go to buy some unknown brands.
I'm glad I've bought a cheap monitor with no bright spots.
because it won't be long.
what you don't want to see may eventually happen.
2 The reason for using.
some LCD bright / bad spots may be caused in the process of using.
simply tell you some precautions when using at ordinary times:
(1) do not install multiple systems at the same time; After installing multiple systems, the LCD screen will be damaged to a certain extent in the switching process.
(2) keep the voltage and power normal.
(3) do not move the LCD button at any time.
the above three points will directly or indirectly affect the normal operation of the "LCD cell" molecules.
this may cause bright / bad points.
consumers may have bright / bad points in the use process/ Bad points.
in fact, through the inspection of engineers, we can know what the cause is. I think as long as manufacturers do not have the conscience to harm consumers, even if there are bright / bad points, consumers can understand.
sharp is famous for its poor after-sales service.
according to the national standard, more than 3 bad points can be replaced! If there are less than 3.
it depends on your communication with the business; Or when you buy a TV, the business promises to replace it if it's bad,And write it on the invoice what model did you buy suggest changing the screen
if not obvious! You can use
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