Sharp lcd-40lx710a
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Sharp sharp lcd-40lx710a
Sharp lcd-40lx710a.
category: LCD TV brand: sharp.
reference price: ¥ 5399 [Beijing] business quotation: ¥ 5237 to ¥ 7019.

Sharp lcd-40lx710a

same series: sharp lcd-46lx710a ¥ 8500 [Beijing].
sharp lcd-52lx710a ¥ 10200 [Beijing].
more sharp lcd-60lx710a ¥ 13600 [Beijing].
Product Positioning: full range HDTV.
LED TV screen size: 40 inches, resolution: 1920 × 1080 support format: 1080p (Full HD) HDMI interface: 4 × HDMI best viewing: 2.6-3.0 m LCD panel: X-Gen super crystal panel backlight: LED horizontal viewing angle: 178 degrees, product power consumption: 110W.
sharp 46lx710a adopts a new X-Gen super crystal panel.
it is also equipped with a direct LED backlight, It plays a very important role in improving the color expressiveness and depth of field effect of the picture.
the new X-Gen super crystal panel not only improves the contrast of the picture.
but also plays a certain role in energy saving.
in addition, it is equipped with sharp's unique light transmission technology; uv2ardquo;.
precisely control the deflection direction of liquid crystal molecules, effectively improve the utilization rate of light and the opening rate of liquid crystal molecules, so that more light can pass through the liquid crystal panel, have higher peak brightness, and make the white more clear; uv2ardquo; The technology can control the light passing through accurately.
the technology can control the light passing through accuratelyIn addition, in terms of interface, sharp 46lx710a LCD TV has a complete set of configuration, and the mainstream HDMI interface, color difference component interface and other standing interfaces are evenly distributed. However, unlike some products with outstanding entertainment functions, sharp 46lx710a LCD TV does not add USB streaming media interface, DLNA network interface, etc, Therefore, in terms of entertainment function, sharp 46lx710a LCD TV still needs to be strengthened.
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