Sharp 70 inch LCD TV which is better sharp 70 inch
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Recommend sharp
Sharp lcd-70su575a is recommended. This 70 inch TV has good performance price ratio.
sharp, the main body of the brand.
lcd-70su575a, the model, has a screen size of 70 inches.

Sharp 70 inch LCD TV which is better sharp 70 inch

LCD panel (main body) is Japanese original panel (SDP).
physical resolution (display) is 3840 × 2160.
display scale (display) 16:9.
backlight type (display) led light emitting diode.
LED backlight classification (display) side entry.
brightness (display) 350nits (typ).
scanning mode (display) progressive scanning.
Screen brushing rate (display) 60Hz.
number of built-in speakers (audio) built-in speaker unit. The speaker output power (audio) is 10W + 10W.
Bluetooth function (function) does not support.
Internet function (function) supports.
network connection mode (function) wired and wireless.
operating system (function) Android 4.4.
CPU (function) dual core.
GPU four core.
power supply.
power supplyPower consumption (power) is 230W.
standby power consumption (power) is less than 0.50W.
without base (product size) 1563.0x908.0x87mm.
with base (product size) 1563.0x976.0x303mm.
I think Sharp LCD panel screen is very reliable.
of course, the quality is more reliable.
sharp px5 series TV is sharp BK7 series and BK7 series Another classic work after bk8 Series LCD TV.
there are two models of lcd-32px5 and lcd-26px5. The lcd-32px5 LCD TV adopts black piano baking paint, which completely subverts the previous style of Sharp LCD TV. The base is changed to arc-shaped appearance, which makes it more fashionable, Even the bottom edge adopts arc design.
sharp lcd-32px5 LCD TV adopts Sharp's CPA panel.
it has 1366 × The resolution of 768, the contrast of 1200:1, the brightness of 450cd / m2, the response time of 6ms and the viewing angle of 176 degrees are increased.
the use of 4-wavelength backlight light source with deep red spectrum is increased.
the color restoration ability is improved, reaching 91% of NTSC gamut.
in terms of sound and interface.
sharp lcd-32px5 LCD TV is equipped with virtual surround sound system and rich interfaces, With four groups of AV terminals, two groups of s terminals, two groups of component terminals and two groups of HDMI interfaces, it is convenient to connect with different HD devices.
the system has the advantages of high-definition, high-definition and high-definition
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