Is sharp LCD 46lx830a LED TV
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There are three kinds of flat panel TV: PDP, led and LCD. Watch carefully! Explain separately!
There are three kinds of flat panel TV: PDP, led and LCD. Watch carefully! Explain separately<
PDP: plasma TV.
this is the best, but the power consumption and cost are very high.

Is sharp LCD 46lx830a LED TV

LED: divided into organic and inorganic.
because the unit size of organic LED can't be too small, now it can only be used for large display screen, which is widely reported.
inorganic LED is also called OLED.
there are several kinds of subdivision, which completely surpass liquid crystal in all aspects, and the response time is more than 1000 times of liquid crystal.
over liquid crystal! Because it has not yet been listed.
the specific types are not known, this year.
around October.
Samsung will have a kind of market, and the technology seems to be buying Sony's c-led.
mainly includes CCFL backlight and LED backlight, among which LED backlight is divided into several types, which is very troublesome to say.
tell you that there are side entry type, straight down type, dot matrix type, three primary colors, LED backlight and LED backlight R-led, etc.
you may wonder.
why is the model led by LCD? If you look at the above, you should understand.
that's LCD TV.
it's really the LED backlight you want! However, we all call it led tv, in fact, we are deceived, ha ha.
sharp lcd-40lx620a is the LCD screen with LED backlight.
the backlight panel is led light emitting diode.
nbsp; The LED screen and the LED backlight LCD screen are not the same thing.
the super large screen we see in the open air is composed of many small lights. The LED backlight LCD screen refers to the light source behind the LCD panel,Compared with the CCFL cold cathode fluorescent lamp used in LCD and the LED used in LED, the color of LCD is bright, but the color distortion is serious. At the same time, the brightness of the middle and edge of the screen is different. The backlight effect of LED is not as strong as that of LCD, but the color restoration degree is high, and it is not tired to watch for a long time.
the color is soft
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