How about sharp lcd-40sf466a
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Brand subject
Brand main body sharp.
model lcd-40sf465a.

How about sharp lcd-40sf466a

screen size 40 inches.
LCD panel (main body) Japanese original panel.
physical resolution (display) 1920 × 1080.
display ratio (display) 16:9.
LED backlight classification (display) straight down.
brightness (display) 300nits (typ).
scanning mode (display) progressive scanning.
swipe rate (display) 60Hz.
number of built-in speakers (audio) built-in speaker unit.
Internet function (function) support
CPU (function) Corte ˇ A53*2(64bit)@1.1GHz .
GPU Mali-720MP2* 2@500MHz64
package size 1006 * 621 * 162mm.
without base (product size) 918.4 * 538.3 * 68mm.
with base (product size) 918.4 * 570.9 * 194.3mm.
with base (weight) 7.9kg.
without base (weight) 7.8kg.
with base (product size) 918.4 * 570.9 * 194.3mmThe parameters are as above.
as a 40 inch consumer TV, the overall configuration meets the demand, The price of 1000 yuan is very cost-effective.
sharp / sharp lcd-40sf466a BK 40 inch high-definition flat-panel liquid crystal intelligent network TV has good quality and workmanship.
the display effect is good.
brand: sharp flat-panel TV.
time of market: April 2017.
resolution: Full Hd 1080p.
function: intelligent network TV.
3D: 3D is not supported.
brand: sharp flat-panel TV
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