Which brand of LCD TV is good?
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For the purchase of LCD TV, there are many LCD TV purchase tips on the Internet, and there are many ways, and some businesses' purchase methods will cause misunderstanding for consumers. The following editor will share how to choose LCD TV to help consumers grasp the key points and choose satisfactory energy-saving products.
For the purchase of LCD TV, there are many tips and methods for the purchase of LCD TV on the Internet, and the purchase methods of some businesses will cause misunderstanding for consumers.

Which brand of LCD TV is good?

the following editor will share how to purchase LCD TV.
help consumers grasp the key points when purchasing LCD TV, Choose a good energy-saving product.
methods / steps.
observe the bad points.
if you have the experience of purchasing LCD, you will know that there are often bad points on LCD. LCD TV and LCD are the same.
when purchasing LCD TV.
you can observe whether there are "bright spots" on the black screen without signal input, On the other hand, adjust the brightness and contrast of the TV to the highest state, and observe whether there are "dark spots" in it.
if no more than 3 bad spots are within the acceptable range.
if you buy a product with a size of 17 inches or less.
you should choose a product with no bad spots guaranteed by the manufacturer, However, users have to check the response time when purchasing.
due to the limitation of imaging principle.
the display response speed of LCD TV is slow, but the sound speed is not less than 16ms. Of course, the smaller the better, For example, LCD TV with slow sound speed has obvious sawtooth in fast switching scenes such as racing car chase.
although the response time of LCD TV is basically not as good as that of picture tube TV.
in recent years, this index has been improving continuously, and the degree of tailing has become smaller and smaller.
generally, the frequency of LCD panel is 60Hz.
that is, 60 pictures are changed every second, The duration of each screen is 1 / 60=16.67ms.
the results show that the screen is always updated with this frequency whether it changes or not
image resolution.
LCD TV has the best fixed resolution.
its resolution is often much higher than that of CRT TV, so it can be easily compatible with HDTV, It has great advantages for displaying future high-definition programs.
LCD TVs of the same size usually have the same resolution.
when watching existing standard definition programs.
LCD screens need to convert the image resolution before displaying, The advantage of this resolution will not be directly reflected in higher definition.
LCD TV often needs to be viewed in a bright environment with lights on.
therefore, its brightness index should be paid attention to.
however, the development of LCD technology has solved the brightness problem well.
however, the brighter the LCD TV is, the better, Under normal circumstances, the maximum brightness of liquid crystal should not be less than 100cd / m2. At present, the brightness of products on the market is generally more than 300cd / m2. If the screen is too bright, people's eyes will feel tired when watching.
contrast is the weakness of traditional liquid crystal.
if the contrast is not enough, the picture will be dim, At present, the contrast of LCD TV is developing continuously.
there is an obvious gap in this index among different products. Users should pay attention to this index before purchasing.
generally speaking, the contrast of LCD TV should be above 300:1.
viewing angle.
compared with CRT TV.
viewing angle of LCD TV is its weakness, In the early stage, the viewing angle of LCD was small, and it was difficult for the viewer to see a satisfactory picture at the position away from the center of the picture, which would seriously affect many people to watch TV at the same time.
in the early stage, the viewing angle of LCD was small
the color gamut of liquid crystal is not as wide as that of CRT.
so if we compare it from the perspective of real object color, LCD TV is not as good as CRT TV.
when buying LCD TV,
choosing a model with more color adjustment functions will help you adjust more natural and realistic images.
choose 16:9 carefully.
now 16:9 is the mainstream of large screen LCD TV.
if you are choosing a 16:9 LCD TV, when watching TV programs, you can zoom in to full screen, The image will be slightly distorted (for example, the characters appear a little fat).
if you keep the 4:3 image.
it will waste the left and right part of the screen.
LCD TVs below 20 inches are still dominated by 4:3 screens.
the image of LCD TVs below 20 inches will be slightly distorted
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