Which brand of 40 inch LCD TV is good
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The main points of buying LCD TV are a little long. Be patient and you'll know after watching
The main points of buying LCD TV are a little long. You can see them patiently and you can count them after watching them.
1. The maximum physical resolution of the screen is 1366 * 768 and 1920 * 1080. The former is called standard HD. It's cheap to watch ordinary digital TV programs and DVD. The latter is called full HD. It's expensive to watch Blu ray DVD and HD digital TV, To achieve high-definition and full HD effects,

Which brand of 40 inch LCD TV is good

the TV, player, transmission mode and signal source must meet the HD standard format at the same time, such as full HD 1920 * 1080 TV screen, and Blu ray DVD and Blu ray Disc with the same resolution format, You can see the full HD effect.
if several resolutions are inconsistent.
you can also watch, but the resolution is the lowest.
many people ask what TV is good for playing games.
you need to see the resolution of 360 game console and cassette, When a tablet TV is connected to a PC.
because the resolution of the graphics card on the PC is mainly compatible with the monitor, and the HD standard resolution format of the monitor and the TV is different, non professional graphics cards do not have the HD format of the TV, so in this case, 1366 * 768 or 1920 * 1080 HD video is put on the PC, The TV can't achieve point-to-point display, but it will automatically fill the screen through the algorithm.
2. Dynamic response time of the screen: it affects the tail of the dynamic image.
the best screen is 5 ms, which is higher than the ordinary 18 ms screen. In fact, it is not a professional person to watch the professional image, The 18 millisecond human eye can't distinguish the tardiness.
now the frequency doubling technology to improve the image quality is popular.
in recent years, the frequency doubling technology has been widely usedIn the final analysis, it is to make up for the lack of screen performance. In fact, if the screen can reach 5 ms, there is no need to compensate.
there is another kind of LG IPS liquid crystal screen.
its liquid crystal molecular arrangement is different from that of sharp and Samsung, and its dynamic response time is shorter. Therefore, theoretically, the tailing phenomenon of moving pictures is lighter, but it is not zero response time and no tailing at all, In fact, people's eyes can't distinguish the millisecond time difference, so this kind of panel doesn't replace the panels of sharp and Samsung in technology.
the price of LG panel is lower.
therefore, the domestic brands which compete with low price and are all imported and assembled prefer to use LG panel.
the surface material of LG panel is harder.
therefore, it is also called hard screen, The scratch resistance is better.
for the screens in these cases, we should pay attention to the comparison on site.
3. Brand: mainly depends on the screen manufacturers.
in fact, there are not many screen manufacturers and suppliers, mainly sharp and Samsung, which are the largest LCD screen manufacturers in the world. Their complete machine is not only recognized as first-class in the industry, but also widely used in the industry, The screen of LG is relatively cheap.
therefore, the whole machine is relatively cheap in imported joint venture products.
all domestic machines are assembled with imported screens and core technologies.
it can be said that the products are pieced together, so the overall quality is not as good as the original machines of sharp, Samsung and LG, and the cheap machines are all made with Taiwan screens, The performance is not very good, because it can only compete on the price, so the LCD TV market has a situation of "one price one goods". "
the representative brand of domestic machine is professional TV manufacturer.
such as Hisense, Skyworth, etc., and the assembly quality is relatively stable.
the LCD TV market is characterized by low price and low price
4. LED backlight: in fact, the LED TV on the market does not use LED on the screen.
the backlight on the LCD screen uses LED, which has the advantages of high brightness, good color, thinner screen, long service life and no mercury pollution of the fluorescent tube. It is an alternative product of the cold cathode backlight, TV is still liquid crystal TV, so the price is a little high because it has not been on the market for a long time.
5. Screen width: the current flat-panel TV is 16:9 wide screen.
and the signal of TV station is still 4:3, so it's better to use the ratio of 16:9 to place horizontal stretch, or adjust it to 4:3, However, there are black edges on both sides of the screen.
when you buy, you should pay attention to the size according to the viewing distance.
choose 32 inches for about 2 meters, 37-40 inches for about 2.5 meters, and 50 inches for more than 3 meters.
because it is a wide screen.
the screen height of the 32 inch machine is equivalent to 29 inches of the old CRT TV.
6 About plasma: the plasma screen is luminous by the pixels themselves.
there is no liquid crystal trailing phenomenon, and the sensory effect is better than that of liquid crystal.
however, because the size of plasma pixels is larger than that of liquid crystal.
therefore, small screen is not suitable for full HD resolution, but the size of about 50 inches is no problem at all, so plasma should be preferred for large size, The price of large-size plasma is also cheaper than LCD.
7. About eye protection function: LCD or plasma screen itself has no eye protection function.
some machines have the circuit function of automatically adjusting the brightness and contrast according to the ambient light.
eye hygiene or when you are watching TV.
you should master the time, posture, etc,It has nothing to do with the performance of the TV.
8. About the U-disk and Internet and other multimedia: the multimedia function of the TV is only the selling point of domestic brands.
in fact, if you have a computer at home, you can easily connect the TV, so you don't need the U-disk interface and any Internet connection.
the U-disk drivers on the TV are all fixed.
and it involves copyright issues, As a result, the compatibility is very poor, so it's a very painful thing to find a computer inverted format.
Internet TV is not as free as a computer to surf the Internet.
in fact, it has an additional network card, a website platform that needs the cooperation of manufacturers, and the downloadable videos and music are greatly limited. All these are the gimmicks of manufacturers, The inherent performance of TV itself has not fundamentally changed.
as the most popular home appliance product at present.
LCD TV stands out in traditional TV products with its many advantages such as ultra-thin, environmental protection, energy saving and so on.
in addition.
with the unremitting efforts of LCD TV manufacturers in technology and cost, the price is also going down, However, it is worrying that the overall quality of LCD TV products in the current market is uneven. However, due to the ignorance of LCD TV, many consumers have misunderstandings in the purchase of LCD TV. Therefore, they think that they should try their best to choose those produced by big brand manufacturers, and the quality and after-sales are better, For specific brands, you can go to the top ten brands website to buy and inquire. Samsung Samsung, Hisense, sharp sharp, Sony Sony and Skyworth are all the latest top ten LCD TV brands given above.
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