The difference between LCD TV and plasma TV
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the so-called plasma is the fourth material state discovered so far.

The difference between LCD TV and plasma TV

that is gas, solid, liquid and plasma.
plasma TV is to fill plasma between two pieces of glass.
high voltage is applied to make it move according to the requirements, The plasma TV is mainly composed of two glass substrates.
the inert gases ne, he and Xe are produced by high-voltage discharge to generate ultraviolet light. After irradiating the color phosphor, red, green and blue visible light are excited. Then, with the design and processing of the driving circuit, the three colors of light are mixed to form a variety of color pictures, Therefore, the thickness of the PDP will become very thin, and the screen can be made very large.
it is suitable for waiting room and other places where large screen is needed.
but the power consumption is large.
the price is expensive.
the so-called plasma display panel (PDP) of plasma color TV is filled with mixed gas between two thin glass plates.
the voltage is applied to make it produce ionic gas, and then the plasma gas is discharged, It reacts with the phosphor in the substrate to produce color images.
plasma color TV is also known as "wall mounted TV."
it is not affected by magnetic force and magnetic field, and has the advantages of thin body, light weight, large screen, bright color, clear picture, high brightness, low distortion, low noise, low noise, low noise, low noise, low noise, low noise, low noise, low noise, low noise, low noise, low noise, low noise, low noise, low noise, low noise The imaging process of PDP is: using inert gas discharge to generate ultraviolet light to excite color phosphor to emit light.
then converting the light visible to human eyes.
using plasma tubes as light-emitting elements.
a large number of plasma tubes are arranged together to form a screen, Each chamber corresponding to each plasma is filled with neon and xenon gas.
after high pressure is applied between the electrodes of the plasma tube.
the chamber is filled with neon and xenon gasThe gas in the plasma tube chamber sealed between two layers of glass will generate ultraviolet light, and stimulate the red, green and blue phosphors on the flat panel display screen to emit visible light.
each plasma tube is regarded as a pixel.
the combination of brightness and color changes of these pixels will produce various gray and color images, Liquid crystal is a kind of substance between solid and liquid.
it is an organic compound with regular molecular arrangement. If it is heated, it will appear transparent liquid state, It is called liquid crystal because of its characteristic.
the molecular structure of liquid crystal used in liquid crystal display is similar to that of thin matchstick.
it is called nematic liquid crystal, The liquid crystal display made of this kind of liquid crystal is also called liquid crystal display.
and the liquid crystal TV is in the liquid crystal between two pieces of glass.
voltage is applied to reappear the picture through the change of molecular arrangement and zigzag change, and the screen is collided by the electron group, The liquid crystal display uses the electrodes on the screen to control the liquid crystal molecular state to achieve the display purpose.
even if the screen is enlarged, its volume will not increase proportionally, and its weight is much lighter than that of the traditional display with the same display area, The weight of LCD TV is about 1 / 3 of that of traditional TV.
LCD TV has 16.7 million colors.
the picture is clear-cut, and the colors are gorgeous and real.
the resolution is large.
LCD TV has a high resolutionHigh definition.
at the beginning, LCD uses pure plane glass plate.
the display effect of its plane right angle is much better than that of traditional display.
LCD has no radiation.
there is only a small amount of electromagnetic wave from the driving circuit, As long as the shell is tightly sealed, electromagnetic wave leakage can be eliminated.
therefore, LCD is called cold display or environmental protection display.
LCD TV does not flicker.
it is not easy to cause visual fatigue.
LCD TV has low power consumption.
it has long service life.
according to the usage time, the annual power consumption is 4.5 hours per day.
replace 32 inch LCD TV with 30 inch LCD TV The life span of LCD TV is generally 50000 hours, which is much longer than that of ordinary TV.
size / price ratio: LCD TV and plasma TV are not cheap.
relatively speaking, LCD TV and plasma TV are not cheap, Plasma TV has an advantage over LCD TV in unit price per square inch.
LCD TV has a smaller size.
generally, it is about 30 inches, and the price ranges from 9000 yuan to 15000 yuan. At present, the largest size in Nanjing market is 45 inches, but the price of nearly 70000 yuan is respectable; The size of plasma is large, and the smallest one is 42 inches. The price of domestic brands ranges from 15000 to 20000 yuan.
if you want the price of 50 inch LCD to be about the same as that of plasma, you need to wait patiently for a while.
a reader said.
to put a 20 inch sharp aquos in the bedroom.
experts remind.
the 20 inch TV is still quite small,It's better to sit very close to see what's on the screen.
it's better to put it in the dining room or bathroom.
you can watch TV while eating or taking a bath.
the 17 inch model is only suitable for kitchens or home offices.
performance: in terms of home theater effect.
plasma TV is better than LCD TV.
experts explain.
because LCD TV is better than LCD TV TV usually can't display the blackness of plasma TV.
LCD TV is difficult to display more details, and video players will feel that the "three-dimensional" sense of the image is not very good.
although the image quality of LCD and plasma TV has improved year by year, the product performance of each manufacturer is far different, Therefore, before purchasing, we should go to the specialty counter of each brand in the home appliance store to compare in many ways.
Life / power consumption: LCD TVs have obvious advantages over plasma TVs in terms of service life.
although the life of plasma TVs varies.
it takes about 20000 hours to reduce the brightness to half, However, the LCD can be reduced to half brightness after 50000 hours.
the power consumption of LCD is only 1 / 3 of that of plasma TV.
the power consumption of some plasma products is as high as 400 watts / hour.
Screen burning and altitude: screen burning is the problem of plasma TV.
If a still image is kept on the screen for a long time, If the TV station logo or news scroll bar is displayed above and below the TV for a long time.
or if you often watch standard format TV programs on the wide screen,The shadow on the side of the image will appear on the top, bottom or both sides of the screen.
so it's better to pay attention to it in use.
for example, don't play still images on the screen for a long time, and set the contrast below 50%.
in addition.
plasma TV may have problems at high altitude, Because the difference in air pressure at different altitudes makes the plasma TV produce an unpleasant hum, of course, In Nanjing, there will be no high altitude problem.
while LCD TV will not have the above two problems.
high definition: most plasma TV and LCD TV can display high-definition signals.
but it should be noted that: to enjoy the real complete HDTV.
the display resolution should be at least 1280 × 720.
only a few 42 inch plasma TVs can achieve this resolution.
most 50 inch plasma TVs and almost all LCD TVs larger than 26 inches have no problem.
of course.
a TV smaller than 42 inch is better than a real HDTV unless you sit in front of the screen and watch it carefully, Generally, we don't notice much difference between the two.
for example,
although Panasonic's th-42pa20u 42 inch plasma TV only provides enhanced definition resolution (EDTV, 852 × However, the effect of HDTV reception with it is still very good.
computer and video games: most plasma TVs and LCD TVs can be used as computer monitors.
many TVs even provide DVI interface, which can obtain better display performance.
there is no problem with the two kinds of TV game consoles.
from the performance point of view alone.
It is difficult to make a ruling on the two technologies, but considering the possibility of plasma TV screen burning, LCD TV is a relatively safe choice.
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