Why is computer LCD more expensive than LCD TV
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The structure of the two is similar, the main difference is the display panel and drive circuit, the cost of these two aspects is different, resulting in the price difference.

the structure of the two is similar.

Why is computer LCD more expensive than LCD TV

the main difference is the display panel and driving circuit. The cost difference between the two aspects leads to the price difference.
it's OK to watch blockbusters with LCD TV.
but it's difficult to be perfect when dealing with documents and browsing web pages. The text is virtual and the corners are not sharp. Although the screen is big enough, it looks the same. There are two main reasons for this phenomenon, The first problem is the LCD board.
1. The gray scale loss is very different.
for the PC host,
the gray scale output is 0-255.
when the gray scale output is 0.
all black screen is displayed; In order to adapt to the PC host, the acceptable gray-scale signal range of LCD is 0-255.
LCD TV is different.
its gray-scale range is 16-235. When receiving signal 16, LCD TV will return it to white; When signal 235 is received, all white screen will be displayed.
input device of TV.
for example, gray scale signal of 16-235 is also output from cable TV signal and DVD player.
If LCD TV receives signal lower than 16.
it will be considered as interference and will not be displayed; If the received signal is higher than 235, most LCD TVs can only do clipping processing, that is, they can still be treated as 235 signal.
in short,
that is, all 0-15 display pure black, 236-255 display pure white, and the transition between them is all lost.
2. There is a big gap between resolution points.
the resolution of LCD TVs is 1366 * 768 and 1920 * 1080,Even a 55 inch TV has a resolution of 1920 * 1080.
the resolution of LCD is much higher.
a 21.5-inch wide screen has a resolution of 1920 * 1080, while the mainstream 22 inch resolution is 1680 * 1050.
you can see the resolution of the same size screen, LCD is much higher than LCD TV.
3. The optimization direction of driving is different.
TV is mainly used to watch dynamic pictures.
so for its optimization direction, it naturally tends to be dynamic display, while the display is different. It mainly watches static pictures, so the optimization direction is text and other static display, which leads to the difference of driving.
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