Which is the best choice for LCD TV?
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Key points of purchasing LCD TV set:
The main points of buying LCD TV are as follows:
1. The maximum physical resolution of the screen is 1366 * 768 and 1920 * 1080. The former is called standard HD, and it is cheap to watch ordinary digital TV programs and DVDs, while the latter is called full HD, which is used to watch Blu ray DVD and high-definition digital TV. The price is expensive and should be determined according to your own needs and budget.
to achieve HD and full HD effects.

Which is the best choice for LCD TV?

it is necessary to use the TV, DVD and high-definition digital TV Player, transmission mode and signal source can meet HD standard format at the same time. For example, full HD 1920 * 1080 TV screen needs Blu ray DVD and Blu ray Disc with the same resolution format to see full HD effect.
if several resolutions are inconsistent.
you can also watch, However, the resolution is the lowest.
many people ask what kind of TV to buy for playing games.
it depends on the resolution of 360 game console and cassette to decide what kind of TV with screen resolution.
when a tablet TV is connected to a computer.
because the resolution of the graphics card on the computer is mainly compatible with the display, The HD standard resolution format of monitor and TV is different, and non professional graphics card does not have the HD format of TV, so in this case, if 1366 * 768 or 1920 * 1080 HD video is put on the computer, the TV can not achieve point-to-point display.
any signal that does not meet the screen resolution.
the TV will automatically display the full screen through the algorithm.
2 Dynamic response time of screen: it affects the tailing of dynamic image.
the best screen is 5 ms, which is higher than the ordinary 18 ms screen. In fact, it is not a professional person to see the professional image, and the 18 ms human eye can't distinguish the tailing.
now, the frequency doubling technology to improve the image quality is popular.
in this paper, we use the frequency doubling technology to improve the image qualityIn the final analysis, it is to make up for the lack of screen performance. In fact, if the screen can reach 5 ms, there is no need to compensate.
there is another kind of LG IPS liquid crystal screen.
its liquid crystal molecular arrangement is different from that of sharp and Samsung, and its dynamic response time is shorter. Therefore, theoretically, the tailing phenomenon of moving pictures is lighter, but it is not zero response time and no tailing at all, In fact, people's eyes can't distinguish the millisecond time difference.
for the screens in these cases, we should pay attention to the comparison.
3. Brand: it mainly depends on the screen manufacturers.
in fact, there are not many screen manufacturers and suppliers, mainly sharp and Samsung, which are the largest LCD screen manufacturers in the world. Their whole machine is recognized as first-class in the industry, In theory, LG's hard screen has faster dynamic response time.
therefore, it has better tailing performance, and LG's whole machine is relatively cheap in imported joint venture products.
all domestic machines are assembled with imported screens and core technologies.
it can be said that the products are pieced together, so the whole machine has poor stability, but the price is cheap, and cheap machines are all made with Taiwan screens, The performance is not very good.
the representative brand of domestic machine is professional TV manufacturers.
for example, Hisense, Skyworth, etc., and the assembly quality is relatively stable.
4. LED backlight: the backlight of LCD screen is led instead of LED on the market now.
it has five advantages over cold cathode fluorescent tube backlight.
one is ultra wide color gamut, It can achieve 105% ntse color gamut, so the color is more bright. Second, it has ultra-thin appearance. The thinnest one is 1.99cm, which is more fashionable. Third, it is energy-saving and environmental protection. The energy consumption is 52% lower than that of cold cathode backlight,And there is no mercury pollution from cold cathode tubes. Fourth, it has a long service life of nearly 100000 hours, which can be used for 27 years if it is turned on for 10 hours every day. Fifth, it can achieve 100000:1 ultra-high contrast and higher definition.
the above performance advantages determine that led backlight is technically a substitute for cold cathode backlight.
it is relatively expensive because it is not on the market for a long time, The price is basically 150% of the cold cathode backlight products.
in the final analysis, there is no choice for the LED backlight itself.
the main choice for the whole machine is the selection of the technical performance parameters of the LCD panel, such as the maximum physical resolution, dynamic response time, etc., which is the same as the ordinary LCD TV.
5 Screen width: the current flat-panel TVs are all 16:9 wide screens.
while the TV station signal is still 4:3, so it's good to use the ratio of 16:9 to place the horizontal stretch. You can also adjust it to 4:3, but there are black edges on both sides of the screen.
when choosing, you should pay attention to the size according to the viewing distance.
choose 32 inches for about 2 meters, 37-40 inches for about 2.5 meters, The screen height of the 32 inch TV is 29 inches of that of the old CRT TV.
6. About plasma: the screen of plasma is the light of the pixels themselves.
there is no liquid crystal tailing, The sensory effect is better than that of liquid crystal.
but because the pixel size of plasma is larger than that of liquid crystal.
it is not suitable for small screen to make full HD resolution, but the size of about 50 inches is no problem at all, so plasma should be the first choice for large size, and the price of large size plasma is also cheaper than that of liquid crystal.
originally, Hitachi was the largest plasma manufacturer in the world.
in the past, Hitachi was the largest plasma manufacturer in the worldChanghong has cooperated with it to build its own plasma screen production line, so Changhong's plasma TV is the first choice of domestic products.
Hitachi's plasma screen business is now sold to Panasonic.
therefore, Panasonic is the first choice for imported joint venture plasma.
7 About eye protection function: LCD or plasma screen itself has no eye protection function.
some machines have the circuit function of automatically adjusting the brightness and contrast according to the ambient light.
eye hygiene or when you are watching TV.
you should master the time, posture, etc, It doesn't have much to do with the performance of TV.
those who say their products have eye protection function are basically fooled by unscrupulous manufacturers. I don't believe you ask them if they have the test report from the national authority department.
8. About the U disk and Internet and other multimedia: the multimedia function of TV is only the selling point of domestic brands.
in fact, those who have computers at home, It's convenient to connect the TV, so you don't need the U-disk interface and the Internet.
the U-disk drivers on the TV are all fixed.
and it involves copyright issues, so the compatibility is very poor. It's a very painful thing to find the inverted format of the computer.
Internet TV can't access the Internet at will like a computer.
in fact, it has an additional network card, The website platform that needs cooperation with the manufacturers, the video and music that can be downloaded are very limited. These are the gimmicks of the manufacturers. The inherent performance of the TV set has not changed fundamentally..
children's Day is next Tuesday at.
. Many parents are at work, and the children also have to go to kindergarten. Going to school.
this weekend has become the most anticipated one for many children.
parents are also preparing to have a good time with the whole family this weekend.
this is a good time for parents to go out and play.
this is a good time for parents to go to schoolHowever, the problem arises again.
nowadays, the epidemic is rampant. According to media reports, experts in children's hospitals treat more than 100 patients every day.
How can this be good? In fact, it's very simple.
you can watch blockbusters at home and enjoy the warmth and happiness of home.
you can watch blockbusters at home  . because some TV products have poor dynamic picture, color distortion and reducibility, It has become a "invisible killer" of serious damage to eyesight.
therefore, it is very necessary to choose a suitable TV for children's eye health.
at present, the more popular LCD TV with IPS hard screen can alleviate the above parents' worries.
because the molecular response speed of IPS hard screen is higher than that of traditional soft screen, so when the fast dynamic picture is played, The restoration speed is faster, which can ensure clear, smooth and real effect, and the eye irritation is minimized.
in addition.
IPS hard screen has more accurate color restoration, and can present natural color pictures. 240Hz technology also gives full play to the characteristics of LCD TV, such as stability, non flicker and high definition, Nowadays,
in the trend of LCD TV becoming more and more multifunctional, the advantages of IPS hard screen in "eye health" have been recognized by authoritative institutions, and IPS hard screen will take this test result as a benchmark, In the field of health consumption, IPS hard screen, which has always been the leader of panel technology, will meet the growing demands of consumers and improve their voice in health consumption
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