What is the difference between flat panel TV and LCD TV
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Flat panel TV, as the name suggests, is the same as the appearance of the plate-shaped TV, there are two kinds of plasma color TV and LCD color TV.
Flat panel TV, as the name suggests, is a TV that looks like a plate. At present, there are two kinds of flat panel TV: plasma color TV and LCD color TV.

What is the difference between flat panel TV and LCD TV

LCD TV is one of flat panel TV.
What's the difference between LCD and plasma? I'll compare the differences between the two in each index.
before you buy, you can see what you value most.
size: 42 inch is almost the watershed between LCD TV and plasma TV.
the smallest size of plasma TV is about 42 inch, LCD TVs below 42 inches are basically LCD TVs.
price: from the whole situation, LCD TVs are cheaper.
but there are many LCD TVs with 47 inches in price. If you want to buy a TV with more than 50 inches in price, plasma TVs are more suitable.
resolution: mainly the physical resolution of the screen.
the physical resolution of mainstream LCD TVs can reach 1366 × 768, up to 1920 × Most of the plasma is 852 × 480.
a few can reach 1024 × 768.
so the LCD screen is more delicate.
contrast: the contrast of LCD TV is not as good as that of plasma TV.
the contrast of plasma TV can easily reach 10000:1, while that of LCD TV is only 3000:1 or 5000:1; What we feel is that when LCD TV shows bright and dark pictures, the details of the pictures are often not very good.
brightness: LCD TV has more advantages than plasma TV.
it's much brighter in stores than at home. Even if you see a TV with average brightness on the display cabinet, the display effect at home will not be too bad.
Color: from a technical point of view.
plasma TV is self luminous and has higher color saturation, There are more kinds of colors.
but from a practical point of view.
our eyes can't feel the difference.
angle of view: plasma TV can say that there is no problem of viewing angle.
the viewing angle of mainstream LCD TV can basically reach more than 170 degrees.
and in most cases, few people will watch TV at an angle of more than 120 degrees.
so, both sides have different views There is little difference in viewing angle.
? Dynamic picture (response time): plasma displays through phosphor.
theoretically, there is no response time, and its dynamic picture effect is better than that of liquid crystal.
the response time of liquid crystal TV is about 8 ms.
however, in the case of playing still image, there is still trailing phenomenon when playing fast moving image, Plasma TV also has a slight tailing phenomenon for fast-moving white objects.
plasma is slightly better than liquid crystal.
burn: plasma TV is better than liquid crystal TV in processing moving images.
however, when the still image appears at the same position of plasma screen for a long time, it may be burned. Once burned, when switching on or off, plasma TV will not be able to display the moving image, There will be a long time shadow on the screen, as if it is printed on the screen.
but LCD is not as serious as plasma.
so many video output devices of computers and game machines prefer LCD TV.
service life: plasma works in a way similar to fluorescent lamp.
in theory, the service life can reach 40000-60000 hours, The theoretical service life of liquid crystal can reach 60000 hours.
theoretically, it can be used for 15-20 years. .
power consumption: there is a small difference.
on the whole, the power consumption of LCD TV and plasma TV is almost the same.
it can be seen that LCD plasma has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is precisely because of this that they have been competing with each other. Please watch from the market. At present, the share of LCD TV is leading, However, how to choose one depends on the index or demand that you attach importance to, and the most important thing is the fund.
sort out the current statements about LCD TV and plasma.
it's a bit wordy, and I hope it can help you.
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