What is the difference between LCD TV and ordinary LCD TV
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In addition to the functions of ordinary LCD TV, intelligent LCD TV also has the following main special functions:
In addition to the functions of ordinary LCD TV, intelligent LCD TV also has the following main special functions:
1. It can directly connect to wired network or wireless network to watch online movies and TV dramas the purpose of watching live TV programs online can be achieved by installing live TV software; At the same time, the function of TV can be expanded by installing different software<

What is the difference between LCD TV and ordinary LCD TV

3. Be able to play video games.
you can play Android games that come with the TV, download and install other Android video games, and connect the game handle
4. Other functions.
for example, it supports mobile phone screen casting and wireless transmission of pictures and videos from mobile phone to TV for display; It supports Bluetooth function and can connect with other Bluetooth devices.
LCD TV is good for your health.
it has no radiation, environmental protection and power saving, It's Green TV.
once again, LCD TV is HD TV.
it's 16:9 mode.
and the definition.
the contrast of color is much higher than CRT.
CRT can't be compared with it.
it belongs to two grades.
note: 16:9 mode is the most suitable mode for human eyes, and the final life is also longer than ordinary CRT. At present, LCD TV and plasma TV are widely used Products that big consumers pay attention to.
many friends are not clear about the concept and principle of these two products. Let's talk about them.
also known as LCD TV, It uses the same display technology as laptop and desktop flat panel displays.
the vivid picture is generated by a special glass panel and transistors on it.
the display technology is similar to that of laptop and desktop flat panel displaysHowever, this kind of TV is expensive.
especially for the large size LCD TV over 40 inches.
some LCD TVs are not very clear when viewed from the side.
at present, the LCD TV in the domestic market is mainly 15-32 inches.
there are also 42 inch large LCD TV sales.
plasma TV.
also known as PDP TV, It uses the gas between two glass substrates to show colorful and vivid pictures.
this kind of TV is a little cheaper than LCD TV.
especially for large TV above 40 inches.
like LCD TV.
plasma TV is also very thin.
until recently.
many plasma TVs still have many shortcomings to overcome, including relatively short service life, low cost and low cost It is possible to leave some fixed images on the screen for a long time, and to be unable to work in high latitude areas.
however, these problems have been solved at least in some better models.
in addition.
Digital rear projection TV is usually cheaper than LCD TV and plasma TV, The thickness is often much thicker than them.
it is actually a kind of rear projection TV.
the old rear projection TV used to have a large volume ratio, but this new generation of rear projection TV adopts digital technology, The digital light display rear projection TV uses a special chip at the back to form images.
the chip produced by Texas Instruments contains thousands of small mirrors, The light source is reflected on the display screen through these small mirrors to form an image.
the screen of digital light display rear projection TV is simpler than that of LCD TV and plasma TV.
it is also cheaper.
its picture is very clear and moving.
the screen of digital light display rear projection TV is more simple than that of LCD TV and plasma TVThe price ratio is also low, but one disadvantage is that it is not as thin as LCD TV and plasma TV.
you should pay attention to some confusing terms.
the so-called "LCD" TV sold by some manufacturers such as Sony Corporation.
their screens are not real LCD screens, they are actually rear projection TVs, It's just that the rear of the TV is a mini LCD, not a digital light display rear projection chip.
some TVs are called "flat" TVs.
in fact, they are just ordinary TVs, However, the common curved glass of TV screen has been replaced by flat glass.
pay attention not to confuse flat TV or large screen TV with high-definition TV.
many flat TV, large screen TV and high-definition TV on the market at present Large screen TV can't play high-definition TV programs.
you can buy an ordinary TV equipped with high-definition TV program receiving device to watch such programs.
if you want to buy a large screen flat screen TV.
you also want to watch high-definition TV, You need to carefully check whether the TV you want to buy has the function of high-definition programs.
you also need to open the cable TV or satellite TV service that provides high-definition programs, watch these programs through the special set-top box, or use the roof antenna to receive high-definition TV signals.
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