What is the best brand of LCD TV
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Do not know what brand LCD TV to buy good? Let LCD TV sales list to tell you!
Do not know what brand LCD TV to buy good? Let the LCD TV sales list tell you No.1   SKYWORTH 47e70rg ¥ 6350 degree of attention: 10.18%.

What is the best brand of LCD TV

Skyworth 47e70rg LCD TV is positioned in the middle and high-end market.
it is equipped with complete functions, and uses IPS hard screen and LED backlight to ensure good picture quality and dynamic refresh rate. The unique health sports platform is also a major feature of the product. At present, the US purchase price of the product is 6350 yuan, Friends you like can learn more about.
second place   Konka   Led46is97n ¥ 6699 degree of attention: 6.92%.
Konka led46is97n LCD TV is a kind of LCD TV that meets the requirements of modern people.
it can not only watch or download movies online, but also play somatosensory games of all ages, and it adopts LED backlight technology, Not only can it save power, but also can it be light and thin.
products based on full play platform + LED technology.
while realizing the LED visual feast, there are 1000 kinds of applications and 200 kinds of somatosensory games.
in addition.
through Konka wangrui's fully open SDK software development kit, it can also support organizations and individuals, professional and amateur software enthusiasts to independently develop, manage and manage Share tens of thousands of practical function software.
third place   TCL   L37e5200be ¥ 4299 degree of attention: 6.91%.
TCL l37e5200be is a new LCD TV product that has not been on the market for a long time.
as the latest LCD TV launched by TCL Group for middle-end consumers, the l37e5200be is a new LCD TV,The appearance, function and cost performance of l37e5200be are much better than those of similar products.
the l37e5200be adopts metal wire drawing process and crystal cylindrical base.
with a unique narrow edge design, the whole product looks crystal clear, noble and attractive.
at the same time, the machine is equipped with a full range of Internet applications.
and adopts the second generation Internet operating system, The whole machine is convenient and fast to operate.
it is equipped with comprehensive network access.
it allows you to directly access the Internet, regardless of wired broadband or wireless network.
ranking Brand and model Market quotation
4 TCL   L42P21FBD ¥4399 6.18%.
5 SKYWORTH 46e60hr ¥6700 5.82%.
6 Konka lc55ts86n ¥7999 5.10%.
7 Sony klv-32bx205 ¥2799 4.73%.
8 Hisense led32k11 ¥2999 3.64%.
9 LG 42LD450-CA ¥4500 3.64%.
10 Samsung ua40c5000qr ¥6599 64%.
the above data comes from: mercure.com http://www.315mg.com Sales statistics.
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