Want to know about LCD TV knowledge!
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learn how to buy a satisfactory LCD TV
Learn how to buy a satisfactory LCD TV.

Want to know about LCD TV knowledge!

now, with the price of flat-panel TV falling continuously.
many ordinary families have incorporated the purchase of LCD TV into their family plans. So, what should we pay attention to when we buy LCD TV now? In view of the development of LCD TV at this stage, we specially launch this necessary reading material for purchasing LCD TV, hoping to let you know some knowledge you should know before purchasing LCD TV, which will be helpful to your purchasing plan.
1 The display principle of LCD TV.
let's first understand the display principle of LCD TV.
a brief understanding of these knowledge can help ordinary users to eliminate some misunderstandings about LCD TV, There are three kinds of liquid crystals that make up the screen: red, green and blue.
they are called three primary colors. They are arranged in a certain order. By stimulating these liquid crystals with voltage, they can present different colors, Different proportions of collocation can present a myriad of colors.
the reaction time of each point change will affect whether the picture is trailing.
generally, the faster the reaction time is, the better.
because LCD TV adopts point imaging.
therefore, the more points in the screen, the more fine the imaging effect, and the more vertical and horizontal points constitute the resolution of LCD TV, the higher the resolution, The better the effect.
Second, how to determine an appropriate purchase size.
generally speaking.
we rely on the size of the room and viewing distance to determine the size of the purchase of flat-panel TV. In fact, we should mainly choose the purchase size based on the viewing distance, but in order to make the home layout according to the coordination,The room size can be used as an alternative parameter to determine the purchase size.
the recommended reference is the linear distance within three meters.
if the room size is less than 20 square meters, choose 25-29 inches; About three meters straight-line distance, room size in 20-30 square meters, choose 29-34 inches; About four meters straight-line distance, room size in 30-40 square meters, choose 35-43 inches; For a straight-line distance of more than four meters and a room size of more than 50 square meters, choose a LCD TV of more than 43 inches.
Third, we must understand the current situation of domestic flat panel TV quality assurance.
at present, there is no quality assurance standard for LCD TV testing in China.
the maintenance standard of LCD TV refers to the standard of LCD display, that is, one-year free quality assurance, Instead of the three-year free warranty stipulated by the state, many CRT TV manufacturers now implement a five-year warranty, and now the standard of LCD TV warranty is relatively backward.
now some brand manufacturers and home appliance chain stores have jointly launched a two-year warranty commitment.
before purchasing, consumers should ask for the warranty in detail, Because the cost of LCD TV is high, and the problems often appear in the LCD panel, the value of LCD panel will account for about two-thirds of the whole TV, if you need to spend money to repair, the cost is quite huge.
4 LCD TV is not equal to HDTV.
LCD TV and HDTV are two completely different concepts.
it is quite wrong to think that buying LCD TV means buying HDTV.
there is no clear standard for HDTV in China at present.
the standard commonly used is the international HDTV standard, and the international HDTV standard is 1280 × 720 (non interleaved, field frequency 24, 30 or 60), 1920 × 1080 (staggered,Field frequency 60) and 1920 × 1080 (non interleaved, field frequency 24 or 30) three display modes, that is, 720p, 1080i and 1080p. Only LCD TV with these three display modes is HDTV.
at present, CCTV Digital HD channel uses 1080i signal mode source.
generally speaking, we don't have to buy 1080p products, Because the price of 1080p products is still relatively expensive.
fifthly, LCD TV still needs to use set-top box to watch digital TV.
now the digital HD Channel of CCTV has been broadcast in some areas of China.
many consumers mistakenly believe that they have bought LCD TV, It is not correct to watch the digital HD channel without a set-top box.
although the function of set-top box is to convert the digital signal into analog signal, while LCD TV will convert the analog signal into digital signal for display, the processing of their conversion is different. LCD TV cannot directly receive the TV signal of the digital HD Channel, It still has to be converted through set-top box before we can watch it.
now the LCD TV with built-in set-top box is still in the research and development stage.
and the set-top boxes in different places are also different. I believe that it will be a long time before we can really buy LCD TV that can directly watch TV signals of digital high definition channel, which is impossible now.
VI We should correctly deal with the problem that the effect of LCD TV watching ordinary TV programs is not as good as CRT.
many consumers who have bought LCD TV may have such a puzzle.
Why do you feel that the effect of watching TV after you buy it is not as good as that of CRT TV before you buy it
The reason for this phenomenon lies in the fact that consumers see the effect of playing the demo disc when they buy it in the shopping mall, and the picture will certainly not have any problem. There is a difference in aspect ratio between the 16:9 display ratio of LCD TV and the 4:3 ratio of ordinary TV signal. When watching ordinary TV signal, LCD TV generally has two display methods, one is the 4:3 display, Then a large section of black edge has to be used on the display screen to fill the gap caused by different picture size comparison. Another way is to use conversion calculation to convert the 4:3 picture into 16:9 picture. This practice will definitely cause the picture effect to decline when we watch. Therefore, when we watch ordinary TV signals, we can use conversion calculation to convert the 4:3 picture into 16:9 picture, The effect of LCD TV is not as good as that of traditional CRT TV.
so far.
only sharp's latest aquos Series LCD TV adopts PAL system to broadcast signals, which can provide the best display effect when receiving traditional analog TV signals.
7 The HDMI interface is the only digital interface that can transmit audio and video signals at the same time.
it can not only simplify the connection and reduce your connection burden, but also provide a huge bandwidth for digital signal transmission, It is emphasized that the importance of this interface lies in the fact that new and future CD players, computers, home cinemas and other devices will actively adopt this interface, and use this interface to connect with these devices, No doubt you can get the best effect.
so confirm whether you need HDMI interface before you buy.
can reduce the chance of regret after you buy.
2. Pay attention to the actual resolution.
the actual resolution of LCD TV refers to the resolution that LCD TV itself can achieve.
2Generally, you should choose a resolution of 1280 * 768 or higher. Products with a resolution of 1280 * 768 or higher will be much better when watching high-definition TV and making multimedia terminals for computers. It should be noted that some manufacturers hoodwink consumers with compatible signal input, The difference between the actual resolution and the compatible signal input must be distinguished.
in addition, it is determined by the working principle of LCD.
the resolution of LCD TV is fixed, and its best resolution is its actual resolution. When we connect with a computer, we'd better choose the resolution setting closest to the resolution of LCD TV.
at present, there are mainly 800 LCD TVs × 600、1280 × 768 and 1366 × 768 and other common resolutions.
3. Brightness, contrast and viewing angle.
manufacturers often exaggerate on brightness and contrast.
generally speaking, products with brightness of 500 lumens and contrast of 600:1 or more are good.
in fact, consumers can directly ignore the brightness and contrast parameters provided by manufacturers. (it's too fake).
they mainly focus on their own visual experience, The method is to check the brightness and contrast of the screen display at a distance of 5 meters, pay attention to the details of some dark scenes, and compare more products. After that, you will know whether the brightness and contrast of the LCD TV you are going to buy can satisfy you.
now the viewing angle of the LCD panel is generally more than 170.
the problem to be noted is that, When viewing from the side, pay attention to whether the left, right and central pictures of the screen are clear and whether the brightness difference is large, and choose the product with the smallest difference.
4. Reaction time.
after understanding the working principle of LCD TV.
we should know that this parameter is very important for the display effect of LCD TV,Generally speaking, the faster the reaction time is, the better it will be for eliminating the phenomenon of LCD TV tailing and residual shadow. However, this is also a comprehensive thing. It will also depend on the manufacturer's algorithm. The optimization of the manufacturer's algorithm will also have a great impact on eliminating the phenomenon of LCD TV tailing and residual shadow. Before purchasing, check the actual effect of playing action movies, The simplest way is to make the screen completely black, about 30 cm away from the LCD TV screen, and see if there are bright spots.
then make the screen completely white.
see if there are any bad spots.
and then change it to red.
Green, Check the integrity of the color dots with blue, and check whether the brightness of the picture is even at about 2.5 meters. These checks should make sure that the whole screen is a solid color.
if there is a problem, we should never.
why should we say that several bad points are allowed internationally? I firmly oppose this kind of bandit logic, and spend the same money, others use good, I use bad, It's incredible.
conclusion: if you want to buy a satisfactory LCD TV, don't superstitious about the manufacturer's parameters and advertisements. After understanding the above knowledge, the most important thing is to focus on the feelings you get from actual watching, and watch it several times before buying, so as to compare the actual effects, It's really clear.
the top is copied.
the following is my experience:
1. Panel.
2. Appearance.
3. Resolution.
4. Visual angle.
5. Unique technology.
6. Response speed.
7. Sound effect.
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