What are the disadvantages of LCD TV
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Now the technology of LCD TV is relatively mature, but there are still some defects. Buying relatively good products and brands can effectively avoid these phenomena, and recommend sharp and Sony products.
Nowadays, the technology of LCD TV is relatively mature, but there are still some defects. Buying relatively good products and brands can effectively avoid these phenomena. We recommend sharp and Sony's products.
disadvantages of LCD TV.

What are the disadvantages of LCD TV

2. Display quality: the display screen of traditional display device uses phosphor.
the phosphor is hit by electron beam to display, Therefore, the brightness of the display is brighter than that of liquid crystal transparent display (with fluorescent lamp as light source).
in theory, LCD can only display 18 Bit colors (about 262144 colors).
but the color depth of CRT is almost infinite.
3. The viewing angle of LCD is relatively small compared with CRT.
4 LCD screen is relatively fragile.
it is easy to be damaged.
this increases the difficulty of using and maintaining LCD TV.
5. Because liquid crystal is an organic compound with regular molecular arrangement between solid and liquid.
under the action of different current and electric fields.
the liquid crystal molecules will rotate 90 degrees regularly, resulting in the difference of light transmittance, In this way, when the power supply is on / off, the difference between light and shade is generated, and each pixel can be controlled according to this principle to form the required image.
LCD TVs are made based on this principle.
but it is precisely because of this principle.
all LCD TVs are difficult to grow in technology, And the price is expensive.
advantages of LED LCD TV: strong gamut performance: the performance of traditional CCDL backlight LCD TV in color has been criticized by people.
but after the emergence of LED TV, this problem is expected to be fundamentally solved.
different from the constant lighting of condensing backlight. long service life: in addition to gamut.
LED TV has another major feature, The manufacturers of CCFL LCD TV's condensing backlight claim that it can reach the life of 60000 hours.
in fact, most backlight groups can't reach this life, because a backlight group is composed of multiple lamps. If only one lamp is damaged, the TV can't watch normally.
in addition, the attenuation of CCFL lamp is very high.
about 7% per year, The brightness of the lamp tube will also appear obvious attenuation after 2-3 years.
the appearance is slim and fashionable: the traditional CCFL LCD TV needs to add a filter to achieve the purpose of color filtering imaging because it transmits white light.
while RGB LED is directly illuminated by three color light without a filter, so the thickness of the TV can be further reduced, It can easily reach half the thickness of the traditional flat panel TV.
disadvantages of LED LCD TV: LED LCD TV also has its own shortcomings.
it is due to the poor sense of hierarchy and dynamic performance.
in the dark scene.
when showing the details of the scene, the sense of hierarchy of LED TV is a little fuzzy, The depth of the picture is not obvious.
this is also the disadvantage of LCD TV.
in the dark scene, the details of the dark part are not good.
in another important picture index, dynamic clarity.
no matter how to change the backlight.
LED is one of the disadvantages of LCD TV, so ordinary LCD TV has some disadvantages, However, a series of compensation technologies such as 200Hz are constantly upgradingIt can effectively reduce the sense of delay of the picture.
in addition.
because LED TV adopts LED light-emitting technology, it has a large amount of heat dissipation.
LED TV has a large amount of heat dissipation
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