Is it better to play games with LCD or LCD TV
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IPS hard screen -- favorite of video game players
IPS hard screen is the favorite of TV game players.

Is it better to play games with LCD or LCD TV

in many stores.
many consumers who come to buy LCD TV not only regard TV as a tool to watch games, programs or blockbusters, However, they hope to use the large screen and high-definition of LCD TV to play the popular video games.
competitive video games give birth to the upgrading of display devices.
from "Tetris" in the handheld era to "soul fighter" and "Super Mario" in the cassette player era, to "Red Alert", "anti terrorist elite" and "anti terrorist elite" in the e-sports era Even fast cars and games with super competitive sense of speed.
electronic games are moving towards intelligence and simulation reality.
this not only meets the players' desire for competition and transcendence, but also promotes the continuous upgrading of game display devices.
from black-and-white screen to color TV, and then to CRT and LCD with expanding screen size, The trajectory of these updates tells us that display devices in the field of video games are becoming more and more powerful, clear and rich.
when Playstation and Xbox, which are more interactive and entertaining, come to market and sell well, LCD TV with absolute size advantage and display effect has naturally become the player's first choice.
playing video games.
solving the problem of residual shadow is the key.
now the definition of PS and Xbox has reached the DVD level, and the visual impact is very strong, Especially the antagonism and sense of speed of the game have also been improved unprecedentedly.
such games as the best flying car, FIFA, etc., which are loved by the players.
speed and antagonism are the most significant features, which undoubtedly put a severe test on the dynamic display effect of LCD TV. the reason why IPS hard screen is highly praised by players is that it solves the key problem of LCD TV dynamic display of residual shadow.
according to experts,
IPS hard screen technology creatively arranges liquid crystal molecules horizontally through optimizing the molecular arrangement, The most advantage of this method is to improve the response speed of liquid crystal molecules.
it makes the screen more uniform for light and color conversion.
when IPS hard screen displays dynamic pictures, such as fast drifting and volley shooting, it eliminates the tailing phenomenon to the maximum extent, It is understood that iPS hard screen technology is not only the perfect companion for game players, but also favored by professionals in terms of display effect.
in the world's top LCD products, such as Eizo, NEC, apple, etc, All of them are using IPS hard screen LCD.
it is worth mentioning that the use of iPod, which has always emphasized quality and perfect entertainment, is also IPS hard screen LCD.
in addition to the basic functions of playing TV programs.
with the increase of various interfaces and the design of additional functions, today's TV has the diversified functions of connecting the network and various digital terminals, and can watch online movies, watch TV programs, and play TV programs Playing video games... TV is a well deserved home interactive entertainment center.
in essence, it belongs to the same kind of products under the same technology.
it's just different in size and function.
considering playing games.
generally speaking, 1920x1080 resolution display or TV is a good choice,If the resolution is higher than this, even the high-end graphics card will be difficult to use (mainly depending on the type of game).
when playing games last night,
this resolution is enough.
nowadays, the functions of TV and monitor are very close.
this is also because TV also has HDMI interface, I'm afraid today's smart TVs have more functions (and the price is naturally more expensive).
but here are some things that are different:
1: we generally say that TVs are larger than 32 inches, I'm afraid there are not many people who can buy less than this size in shopping malls.
and the monitors are mainly below 27 inches.
according to the distance between you and the monitor when you play games.
you can decide which one to buy according to the size.
I personally use a Samsung 32 inch 3D TV as the monitor.
it's very comfortable at a distance of 1.5 meters.
whether you play games.
watch movies All very good.
if you feel that the words on the web page are too small when you surf the Internet,
you can also adjust the page size.
2: all TVs have their own stereo.
if you don't plan to buy a stereo when you are equipped with a computer, You can buy a TV.
in addition,
some monitors larger than 24 inches (including) also have their own stereo.
but no matter which one is.
the quality of the stereo is far behind that of the special 2.1 or 5.1 channel stereo.
3: if you consider playing 3D games (such as wearing glasses), the larger the 3D TV or monitor, the more expensive it will be, This point needs to be considered clearly.
we should pay attention to this point
in short,
if you only think about playing games, there is nothing better between the two. The main problem is the size.
and the size is related to your position and the distance of the game.
generally speaking,
24 "is a good choice within 1 meter, and 27" monitor can be considered if it is more than 1 meter, It needs a bigger TV to be used as a display device.
as for the quality of the display device itself, refresh data, hue, etc.
this is related to the brand and grade. To put it bluntly, it is whether you are willing to spend money.
this is related to the brand and grade
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