Some LCD TVs (about 3500)
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Each has its own advantages and disadvantages
Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. The cooling effect of the soft screen is better than that of the hard screen.
in terms of purchase, I have a relatively simple principle. If I buy domestic middle and low-end products, I try to choose the hard screen, because for low-end products, domestic brands and even many joint venture brands generally use the Taiwan screen (soft screen) in their low-end products. If it is a hard screen, If you buy high-end products.
especially for joint venture brands, you should choose soft screen, because many brands, such as sharp, Panasonic, Sony, etc, Most of its high-end products use its own authentic original screen.

Some LCD TVs (about 3500)

as for size.
it mainly depends on your viewing distance; If your viewing distance is less than three meters, it is recommended to be less than 42 inches, and if it is more than three meters, it will be more than 42 inches.
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some problems should be paid attention to when purchasing LCD TV   1. Pay attention to HDMI interface   HDMI interface is the only digital interface that can transmit audio and video signals at the same time.
it can not only simplify the connection and reduce the burden of your connection, but also provide a huge bandwidth for digital signal transmission. The importance of this interface lies in that it will be actively adopted by new and future devices such as disc players, computers and home cinemas, The application of this interface to connect with these devices can undoubtedly achieve the best effect.
so confirm whether you need the HDMI interface before purchasing.
it can reduce the probability of regret after purchasing.
the application of this interface to connect with these devices can achieve the best effect   2. Pay attention to the actual resolution   The actual resolution of LCD TV refers to the resolution that can be achieved by LCD TV itself.
the actual resolution of LCD TV refers to the resolution that can be achieved by LCD TV itselfGenerally, you should choose a resolution of 1280 * 768 or higher. Products with a resolution of 1280 * 768 or higher will be much better when watching high-definition TV and making multimedia terminals for computers. It should be noted that some manufacturers hoodwink consumers with compatible signal input, The difference between the actual resolution and the compatible signal input must be distinguished.
in addition, it is determined by the working principle of LCD.
the resolution of LCD TV is fixed, and its best resolution is its actual resolution. When we connect with a computer, we'd better choose the resolution setting closest to the resolution of LCD TV.
at present, there are mainly 800 LCD TVs × 600、1280 × 768 and 1366 × 768 and other common resolutions   3. Brightness, contrast and visual angle   Manufacturers often exaggerate the brightness and contrast.
generally speaking, products with a brightness of 500 lumens and a contrast of 600:1 or more are good.
in fact, consumers can directly ignore the brightness and contrast parameters provided by manufacturers (too fake).
they mainly focus on their own visual perception by viewing the brightness and contrast of the screen at a distance of 5 meters, Pay attention to the details of some dark scenes, and compare more products. After that, you will know whether the brightness and contrast of the LCD TV you are going to buy can satisfy you.
nowadays, the viewing angle of the LCD panel is generally more than 170.
the problem to be noted is whether the pictures on the left, right and center of the screen are clear when viewing from the side, If there is a large difference in brightness, choose the product with the smallest difference.
if there is a large difference in brightness, choose the product with the smallest difference   4. Reaction time   After understanding the working principle of LCD TV.
we should know that this parameter is very important for the display effect of LCD TV,Generally speaking, the faster the reaction time is, the better it will be for eliminating the phenomenon of LCD TV tailing and residual shadow. However, this is also a comprehensive thing. It will also depend on the manufacturer's algorithm, and the optimization of the manufacturer's algorithm will also have a great impact on eliminating the phenomenon of tailing and residual shadow. It may be the best guarantee to see the actual effect of playing action movies before purchasing and confirm with your own eyes   5. Bad points and bright points   The simplest way to check whether there are bright spots on the LCD TV is to make the screen completely black. At a distance of about 30 cm from the LCD TV screen, check whether there are bright spots in a piece of black.
then make the screen completely white.
check whether there are any bad spots.
then change it to red.
green and blue to check the integrity of the color spots, Check whether the brightness of the screen is even at about 2.5 meters, and these checks should make sure that the whole screen is a solid color.
if there is a problem, we should never say it.
How can we say that several bad points are allowed internationally? I firmly oppose this kind of bandit logic. It's incredible to spend the same money, others use it well and I use it badly   Conclusion: if you want to buy a satisfactory LCD TV,
don't be superstitious about the manufacturer's parameters and advertisements. After understanding the above knowledge, the most important thing is to focus on the feelings you get from watching it. Watch it several times before you buy it, and compare the actual results, so that you can really have a clear idea.
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