What is led tv
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LED full name "light"
The full name of LED is light emitting diode, which is a kind of semiconductor component.

What is led tv

because LED is very sensitive to the passage of current.
a very small current can make it emit light, and it has a long life and can flash for a long time without damage, Therefore, it is widely used as indicator light in electronic products.
the mung bean size indicator light that we see in electronic products can flash quickly.
it is generally made of LED.
the characteristics of LED LCD TV are ultra-thin.
the thickness of traditional LCD TV is usually about 10cm.
LED backlight is more common in notebook computers, and it is used in TV, The cclf cold cathode fluorescent lamp, the backlight used in traditional LCD TV, contains mercury which is harmful to human body.
although manufacturers are trying to reduce the mercury content in fluorescent tube, the completely mercury free fluorescent tube will bring some new technical problems.
and the LED backlight will never contain mercury.
it meets the requirements The LED backlight is also very energy-saving.
the internal driving voltage of LED is much lower than that of CCFL.
the power consumption and safety are better than CCFL.
the service life of different CCFL is 8.
000 ~ 100,
in order to enhance the performance, the service life of CCFL backlight with improved design will be lower.
and the service life of LED backlight can be about twice that of CCFL.
the service life of LED backlight is usually longer than that of CCFL.
the service life of LED backlight is usually longer than that of CCFLBroad color gamut.
in fact, it is the quality of the picture.
according to the different colors of the light,
LED can be divided into white LED backlight and rgb-led backlight.
the advantage of white LED technology is low power consumption.
the advantage of rgb-led backlight lies in its excellent color expression.
rgb-led backlight can emit high purity red, green, green light Blue LED device.
to achieve the traditional CCFL light source can not reach a wide gamut range.
the mainstream rgb-led backlight can reach 105% of the NTSC gamut range.
LED device with more powerful performance, More than 120% of NTSC gamut can be achieved.
for LCD TV, its unique imaging principle of controlling external light by using the arrangement change of liquid crystal molecules determines that the LCD panel is the key to affect the display effect.
when purchasing TV, the key indicator is to see whether the product is a high-quality panel, Led doesn't work[ [editor's note] hard screen and soft screen LCD TVs account for more than 70% of the flat panel TV market. Obviously, they have become the mainstream of the market. If you still use CRT TVs at home, you will be out of date. If you don't have a single LCD TV, you won't be able to keep up with the trend<
to choose a good LCD TV.
a good LCD screen is very important! So, how to buy a high cost-effective color TV set is the problem that most consumers are very concerned about.
we understand the difference between hard screen and soft screen on the basis of fundamentals. Is the hard screen vigorously promoted by shopping guides really better? Let the consumers make their own decisions.
strictly speaking, LED TV refers to the TV that uses LED (light emitting diode) as the imaging deviceGenerally used for low precision display or outdoor large screen.
. The LED TV, commonly referred to in the Chinese mainland appliance industry, is currently called the "LED backlight LCD TV"..
refers to the LCD TV with LED as the backlight, and it is still.
of LCD. It uses LED light source to replace the traditional fluorescent tube,.
has better screen, longer theoretical life, and more environmentally friendly production process. And it can make the LCD panel thinner.
for the purpose of improving the image quality of LCD TV.
TV manufacturers began to use LED as the backlight of LCD TV.
compared with the traditional LCD TV with fluorescent tube as the backlight,
LED LCD TV can display more realistic colors.
in addition to the improvement of color saturation.
in addition to the improvement of color saturation>The dynamic adjustment of the picture can make the brightness and contrast of different pictures be dynamically corrected to achieve better picture quality.
the dynamic adjustment of the picture can make the brightness and contrast of different pictures be dynamically corrected
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