What brand is the most popular LCD TV?
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As we all know, for LCD TV, the panel has always been the core of LCD. The quality of the panel is the key to determine the display effect, and also determines the LCD
As we all know, for LCD TV, the panel has always been the core of LCD. The quality of the panel is the key to the display effect, and it also determines the quality of more than 60% of the LCD.
so what kind of screen does each brand of LCD TV use

What brand is the most popular LCD TV?

at present, only sharp, Samsung, LG and Taiwan's Qimei and Youda can produce LCD panels in the world. In other words, most manufacturers of flat-panel TVs can't produce panels by themselves, but realize the final assembly by purchasing them.
for example, Sony TV.
it is understood that the panels used are Samsung screens, There are also screens of other panel manufacturers.
at present, the main technology of hard screen is IPS.
the main representative manufacturer is LG Philips. Most LCD TVs of LG, Toshiba, Hitachi and other manufacturers use hard screen. In addition, a considerable number of products of Skyworth, Hisense, Konka and other domestic well-known brands also use hard screen.
and the TVs are marked with TN, PVA MVA and other panels with different words belong to the category of va.
they are all soft screens, and the main representative manufacturers are Samsung and sharp.
from the large home appliance stores, we can see that at present, no matter domestic brands or foreign brands, In the use of panel, there are not only hard screen or soft screen products.
many TV manufacturers choose soft and hard screens according to different market demands and product positioning.
basically, all enterprises are using soft and hard screens.
in this paper, we introduce the concept of soft and hard screens   What is the difference between hard and soft screens
    Press the LCD screen gently with your finger.
if there is a shadow like water lines, this screen belongs to soft screen. If there is no water lines or the mark is very light when pressing the LCD TV with your finger, this screen is hard screen.
"in shopping malls.
ordinary flat-panel TV promoters will explain the difference between hard screen and soft screen in this way.
in this way, flat-panel TV promoters will explain the difference between hard screen and soft screenSome businesses focus on hard screen products.
during sales promotion, the salesperson will tell customers that there is a layer of liquid crystal behind the LCD screen, which is delicate and lack of protection. Any inadvertent impact or scratch may damage the surface of the LCD screen, therefore, It's better to choose "hard screen" products when choosing LCD TVs.
and some companies that mainly promote "soft screen" products also argue.
they point out that the so-called hard screen is to add a protective outer film of transparent resin material with higher hardness on the outside of the LCD screen. In fact, the so-called hard screen is not to add a film on the surface of the panel, In fact, the real IPS hard screen means that the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules is different from that of VA soft screen, which makes the picture quality clearer, the color bright, and the visual angle larger. In the dynamic picture, the black performance and the sense of hierarchy are also greatly improved.
  Is the development direction of panel hard screen or soft screen
  In the field of TV,
technology is changing with each passing day.
just as flat-panel TV has replaced the traditional CRT TV.
LED TV will become the leading role of flat-panel TV in the future, although the LED TV sold in the market is not really LED TV, but the upgraded version of LCD TV, However, the trend can not be changed.
and in the reporter's interview and relevant information display.
it can also be interpreted that in a sense, the hard screen is also the development direction of the panel, and the technology of the hard screen is also constantly maturing and improving.
at present, there are more LCD TV brands in the market.
when building owners choose, they can pay attention to the following points: 1 See the after-sales service.
2. Judge the bad points.
3. Select the appropriate display size.
4. Visual angle.
5. Response time.
4If you want to buy a brand, you might as well go to the brand website maigoo to check.
there are the latest top ten LCD TV brand ranking and related information on it. It will be easier to buy it after reference and comparison.
for example, sharp sharp sharp.
Sony, Samsung, Hisense and LCD TV are all good. You can consider buying them.
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