Which brand of LCD TV is good?
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"The so-called hard screen is to add a layer of resin protective film on the surface of the LCD screen. It feels a little harder, and the display effect is similar to that of the soft screen. And after hard screen added film, heat dissipation is not good! " When I heard that the promoters of TV manufacturers using soft screen LCD introduced their advantageous technology to consumers, LG
"The so-called hard screen is to add a layer of resin protective film on the surface of the LCD screen. It feels a little harder, and the display effect is similar to that of the soft screen.

Which brand of LCD TV is good?

moreover, the heat dissipation of the hard screen is not good after the film is added!" Cui Zaiquan, the technical director of LG display, is an aggrieved face.
the world's leading manufacturer in the field of LCD technology.
LG display's unique secret technology, IPS hard screen technology, is favored by professionals. It is the world's top LCD, such as Eizo In NEC, apple and other professional display products, the LCD panel with IPS hard screen technology is used to meet the stringent color requirements of professionals in the design, printing, aerospace and other industries.
with the development of market demand, when LG display applies IPS hard screen technology to large-size flat-panel TVs, However, they met the embarrassing situation of "wine is also afraid of deep alley": ordinary consumers can't understand the advantages of IPS hard screen technology. The vast majority of consumers buy LCD TVs and know nothing about the panel, which is the most important component of LCD TVs. More people understand that the hard screen is "harder than the soft screen", "more durable", "more suitable for people with children at home", and so on, However, little is known about IPS hard screen technology in terms of visual angle, dynamic picture clarity, accurate color restoration and other display effects.
the reporter learned through the home appliance industry association that there has been a long-standing dispute between "soft screen" and "hard screen" in the field of LCD TV, and every sales season, LCD TV manufacturers adopting "hard screen" technology will be sniped by the manufacturers of "soft screen" camp.
all LCD TV manufacturers adopting "hard screen" technology will be sniped by the manufacturers of "soft screen" campIn the sales of home appliances, consumers are more emotional and easy to be influenced by the explanation of promoters, and many manufacturers use low-cost Taiwan screen (soft screen), so the first scene appears.
some promoters even say that "hard screen LCD TV will last for a long time.
the resin protective film may melt and stick to the LCD screen, Damage LCD TV.
LG display has made a strong counterattack against the attack of hand-painted sound and color in competition.
recently, LG released a test report on IPS panel LCD TV commissioned by the national quality supervision and inspection center of digital audio, video and multimedia products (the Fourth Research Institute).
in this fair and effective report According to the latest standards issued by the electronic video industry association in March 2008, the quality inspection center tested the dynamic definition of LCD TV with IPS panel, and concluded that the dynamic definition of LCD TV with IPS panel reached 780 lines, although the relative static definition decreased, However, according to the 720 line HD standard, it can still achieve HD.
this technology enhances the dynamic display effect of LCD TV; LG display can get better picture quality when watching sports events, action movies and other programs with faster sports speed.
LG display tells consumers with scientific basis that iPS hard screen technology is more than just the surface<
LG display doesn't fight with competitors on the surface hardness of LCD panel.
instead, it "proves itself to be the best" in terms of the display effect that users are most concerned about.
so what is the significance of dynamic definition to consumers? We know.
to buy LCD, we need to buy HDBut in the market promotion of high-definition TV.
the vast majority refers to the clarity of static pictures.
while we watch TV and play games.
in most cases, we watch dynamic pictures.
this requires short response time of LCD TV.
effective control of dynamic display of drag and drop This is the strength of IPS hard screen.
many users have had similar experience.
if you gently use your hand to slide over the "soft screen" LCD TV screen, a "water mark" will be produced. If you play fast dynamic pictures, the touch will cause the display screen to pause and overlap with the following pictures, making the screen chaotic, This is the so-called "residual shadow" phenomenon of LCD.
if you watch programs with fast changing pictures, such as racing sports.
"soft screen" LCD TV will produce "trailing" blur phenomenon, and the dynamic definition will be significantly reduced, If you watch it for a long time, your eyes will be tired.
the problem of dragging and residual shadow in the dynamic picture.
it's just the "hard wound" of the soft screen LCD.
that's why.
we see the high-definition videos demonstrated by the merchants on the spot in the store, which are usually specially made and "slow" programs, and feel very good, but when we watch the game programs after we buy them home, the display effect will be much worse, This is precisely because the dynamic definition is greatly reduced.
in contrast,
IPS hard screen solves the definition problem of dynamic display well.
moreover, in order to better meet the needs of large-scale LCD TV and flat panel display in public environment.
IPS hard screen takes the lead in increasing the viewing angle of LCD to 178 degrees, almost reaching the limit of LCD technology, The visual "dead angle" is basically eliminatedCareful consumers may find that in line 5 and line 10 of Beijing's metro line to welcome the Olympic Games, almost all the LCD TVs with IPS hard screen technology are used, which play the Olympic Games instructions every day and receive the test of millions of passengers every day.
in fact,
the IPS hard screen has passed the "hard" display effect, Because of its unique and advanced IPS liquid crystal technology.
IPS (LN plane switching) technology is the use of horizontal rotating molecular arrangement.
it has a stable and solid liquid crystal structure, so it feels "hard" than those vertically arranged soft screen liquid crystal technology.
in addition.
when measuring the surface temperature of LCD TV, the hard screen is about 40 ℃, while the soft screen is about 45 ℃, There is no problem that the heat dissipation effect of hard screen is not good.
if consumers encounter the saying that "hard screen is to add a layer of protective film" when they buy LCD TV.
it's better to ask the promoters.
but when we buy LCD TV.
don't forget to "touch it"<
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