Which of these three LCD TVs is good?
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IPS hard screen LCD TV
In 2008, IPS hard screen LCD TV is the new favorite in the color TV industry.

Which of these three LCD TVs is good?

hard screen has become a focus term in the color TV industry.
the author saw it in the home appliance market in the city.
when introducing LCD TV, almost all of the color TV brand guides introduced hard screen LCD TV as their own high-end products, Consumers also prefer to buy hard screen LCD TVs.
Why are hard screen LCD TVs favored by manufacturers and consumers? Compared with soft screen, what are its advantages? This should start from the current situation of the use of soft and hard screens.
according to experts,
among the LCD TVs on the market at present, IPS hard screens refer to the IPS screens produced by LPL, a joint venture between LG and Philips; Soft screen refers to TN, PVA and VA screen, but mainly VA screen.
ordinary consumers have a misunderstanding about hard screen.
think that hard screen is to add a hard protective film on the LCD panel, In order to prevent the LCD screen from being stabbed by external hard objects.
in fact, the real IPS hard screen refers to the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules, which is different from the VA soft screen.
while improving the key indicators of LCD TV, the breakthrough of IPS hard screen technology lies in the transformation from "soft" to "hard". "
as we all know.
the traditional LCD screen lacks protection and is very fragile, even if touched lightly, Any inadvertent impact or scratch may damage the valuable screen.
the LCD TV with IPS hard screen technology not only has clear picture quality and bright color.
the viewing angle is larger, and the black performance and sense of hierarchy are greatly improved in dynamic pictures, Moreover, it can completely eliminate the phenomenon of blurring and water line diffusion when the LCD is under external pressure.
the results show that the liquid crystal display panel has good performanceIn fact,
in professional fields with high technology content, such as aerospace, medical, design, communication and other industries, experts all use hard screen LCD for more protection.
at present, the horizontal viewing angle of mainstream LCD TV on the market is between 170 degrees and 178 degrees.
VA soft screen products can only reach about 170 degrees, The horizontal and vertical viewing angles of LCD TV are improved to 178 degrees by iPS technology, almost reaching the level of plane right angle TV.
therefore, the limitation of effective display area of VA soft screen LCD TV determines that it can only be suitable for middle viewing.
the effective display area of IPS hard screen LCD TV is greatly expanded, Even when viewed from the side, the picture will not be distorted.
in addition,
the moving picture processing of LCD TV is also a big problem. In addition to some chip driving technology, the screen itself is also very different.
according to experts,
compared with VA soft screen technology, IPS hard screen technology has faster response speed, The key lies in the horizontal conversion technology adopted by IPS hard screen.
it has faster and more stable response speed than the vertical alignment of VA soft screen, Therefore, hard screen can reduce motion blur.
VA soft screen is easier to produce large-scale image distortion due to different molecular arrangement.
the author finds that when IPS hard screen LCD TV plays moving pictures, the images are smooth and clear, It is more stable than traditional VA soft screen.
experts explain that compared with IPS hard screen.
VA soft screen has slower response time and liquid crystal molecular limitations, that is, high viscosity and low birefringence, so VA can not improve the gray-scale response time better than IPSIn addition.
the author also found that the black field of IPS hard screen is more pure than that of VA soft screen, showing a rich sense of hierarchy, When watching TV programs, small differences can be subdivided in the dark.
experts introduce.
IPS mode provides clearer black scene image through smooth gray scale.
due to the excellent performance of iPS technology.
many manufacturers begin to use hard screen in large quantities and vigorously promote IPS hard screen technology, To provide consumers with LCD TVs with higher definition and performance.
hard screen LCD TVs have become the mainstream products in the color TV industry.
among the current major brands of LCD TVs,
high end products of Skyworth and other brands use IPS hard screen LCD panels. Skyworth's newly launched world's first cool open TV has the function of downloading and decoding RM / RMVB format for online movie playback, At the same time, Skyworth takes the lead in using IPS hard screen, which has excellent performance in display color, resolution, clarity and other aspects. In addition, the company's unique dual screen technology and the third generation six primary color technology optimize the image quality, which can be regarded as the best in any angle, It's worth recommending to readers.
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