What are the indicators of LCD TV??
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Hello, although I haven't given you an answer, let me give you three LCD panel backlight chips for LCD TV.
we all know that LCD TV, of course, is the most important thing.

What are the indicators of LCD TV??

first of all, we need to investigate the origin of the panel. Generally, the top three panels are sharp Samsung LG.
this is the top three panels in the world, followed by some generation factories, such as Foxconn, Youda Qimei and so on The chips are generally told by Samsung and Sony promoters. Although Sony has a great sense of achievement in digital engine, Philips promoters have an advantage in backlight because Philips bulbs are very expensive. When you buy LCD TV, you need to consult several indicators, such as power consumption, refresh frequency, response speed, and so on The LCD TV screen is divided into PC screen and special AV screen due to different technologies and processes.
the cost of ordinary PC screen is more than 1000 yuan cheaper than that of special AV screen of the same size, and the performance is much inferior, Generally, it is only used for LCD screen of PC or notebook.
· LCD TV screen format.
the ratio of screen width to height is called screen ratio.
at present, LCD TV screen ratio is generally 4:3 and 16:9.
16:9 is the most suitable format for human visual angle.
it has stronger visual impact.
at the same time.
in the future, the display format of digital TV will also adopt 16:9 The format of 16:9 And 4:3 is suitable for analog TV signal.
therefore, if it is mainly used to watch TV, it still has certain advantages.
it should be pointed out that at present, many 16:9 And 4:3 TV can adjust the display format through the menu,However, this is at the cost of wasting a certain area of the screen.
if it is mainly used to watch TV.
it is recommended to choose a 4:3 product, otherwise the stretched picture will make you unbearable; For those who are mainly used to watch DVD blockbusters, it is recommended to choose a 16:9 product, because 16:9 will bring visual enjoyment that 4:3 can never achieve.
· main performance indicators of LCD TV: brightness, contrast Resolution and viewing angle.
brightness refers to the brightness of the picture.
the unit is CD / m2 or nits.
there are two ways to improve the brightness: one is to improve the light transmittance of the LCD panel; the other is to improve the light transmittance of the LCD panel; The other is to increase the brightness of the backlight source.
now the mainstream brightness is more than 250cd / m2.
however, high brightness products are gradually becoming popular.
generally speaking, high brightness products can only be regarded as high brightness products when the brightness is more than 400cd / m2.
high brightness can make the display more clear and bright, It is especially suitable for playing DVD movies.
resolution will affect the clarity of the picture.
LCD color TV with high resolution has clear and delicate picture, bright and sharp picture edge, and low resolution will make the picture rough, with obvious graininess in close-up view.
generally in 1024 × The resolution of 768 or above has the characteristics of high-definition TV.
for home use.
the larger the viewing angle is, the better the viewing angle is,
· LCD TV point distance.
point distance generally refers to the distance between two adjacent pixels.
the calculation method of point distance is based on the panel size divided by the resolution.
but the importance of LCD TV point distance is far less than that of CRT.
the calculation method of point distance is based on the panel size divided by the resolution
· LCD TV backlight life.
LCD panel itself can not emit light.
it belongs to backlight display device.
there is backlight behind the LCD screen.
LCD TV is realized by the LCD unit on the panel "blocking" and "turning on" the light emitted by the backlight.
it can be found that.
as long as the LCD is powered on, the backlight will start to work, Even if the display is an all black picture, The backlight will also remain in the working state.
due to the extremely low light transmittance of the LCD panel.
to make the brightness of the LCD TV reach the level of restoring the picture.
the brightness of the backlight should reach at least 6000cd / m2.
the life of the backlight is the life of the LCD TV.
generally, the backlight life of the LCD TV is more than 50000 hours.
that is to say.
if you average every day If you use the LCD TV for 5 hours, the life span of that 50000 hours is equal to 27 years
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