What should we pay attention to when choosing LCD TV?
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1. I like watching football matches. Should I choose a hard screen, 120Hz, low MS LCD TV?
1. I like watching football matches. Should I choose a hard screen, 120Hz, low MS LCD TV especially for football, but most of the current shopping guides introduce products with many technical indicators, some of which are inaccurate. If it's convenient, bring a notebook with HDMI interface to test by yourself, download a TFT test software from the Internet, and specially test the response speed of LCD. You can't feel tailing within 8ms (it varies from person to person, Some people can't see it in 10ms), but it seems that at present, LCD can only achieve 6ms in the laboratory, generally more than 10ms (the shopping guide will tell you that it only has 4ms), You can also bring a disc with a football video to test your patience with tailing.
if you buy plasma, you don't need to consider this problem.

What should we pay attention to when choosing LCD TV?

2. Some LCD TV materials say: support HD.
does it mean support HD signal, such as Blu ray DVD? If so, can't those who don't support HD display the effect of Blu ray DVD Blu ray HD is 1080 cable.
if you play Blu ray DVD with a TV that supports 720p at most, you can't completely reproduce the effect of Blu ray DVD.
but most people can't directly distinguish it without reference.
3. Which brand panels are good<
Sharp's ASV panel.
the second is Sony Samsung's s s-lcd panel,The third is the IPS panel of LG Philips.
here is a detailed comparison: http://tech.163.com/digi/07/0316/10/39MS67LP00161900.html.

4. Recommend some models if you can.
but you must have used them in person. The requirement is that you have not delayed watching the football match, and the best time to play is 09 or 32 inches, The price is less than 7000.
there's no way to do that.
I'm also studying.
how to buy flat-panel color TV.
the TV we used to watch was basically CRT.
later we had rear projection. Now we go to the store to see that it's all flat-panel TV. The following is how to buy flat-panel TV: 1. Determine the position of the TV, For example, the living room or bedroom, generally speaking, the size of the TV set placed in the living room is larger than that in the bedroom. Of course, there are different personal hobbies. If you have a TV set, now for the purpose of updating, there is a minimum size selection principle. For example, if you used to watch 29 inches, you can choose 32 inches or more, if you used to watch 34 inches, you can choose 37 inches or more, and so on, Of course, some people have different preferences. Why choose the bigger one than before? That's because the original TV is 4:3, which is close to a square. Now the TV is 16:9, which is rectangular, so there is a visual difference.
there are two types of flat-panel TV on the market, one is LCD, the other is PDP, and of course, there is also an LED (because it's just started, The technology is not mature, and the price performance is not high, so it is not here, and the trend of LED is OLED).
do you choose liquid crystal or plasma? Here's a principle: expert in plasmaThe layman looks at the liquid crystal; Large screen to see plasma, small size to see liquid crystal; Plasma and liquid crystal have different imaging principles and structures, so there are congenital differences between them. In terms of technical data and parameters, plasma is slightly better than liquid crystal, and each has its own merits. It is difficult to say which is better or which is worse, For the domestic market, there are two kinds of resolution: 1366 * 768 is called standard HD (the national standard is 720), 1920 * 1080 is called full HD. For watching TV programs and DVD, standard HD is enough. If you watch BD Blu ray, you need full HD. Of course, you can directly go to full HD in one step, The cost is higher.
now there is another kind of Full HD called 1080p / 24P.
for movies, that is to say, it's smoother to watch movies.
b-speed technology.
double speed can reach 100Hz (50Hz in PAL format), and quadruple speed can reach 200Hz, which means that image processing is faster and the picture is smoother, but the human eye is 24Hz, So don't pursue this parameter too much.
C backlight.
used to use 3-color backlight, that is, red, green and blue, now 4-color backlight, add deep red, color reproduction is more natural.
d 10bit LCD driver.
used to be 8bit.
e response speed.
in GS, the national standard is less than or equal to 20gs, now the product is 6gs or 4gs, the smaller the number, the better, However, these data are based on the manufacturer's experimental data. The actual situation will be greater than this value, and the response speed will be slow, resulting in tailing phenomenon. To solve this situation, we can reduce the response speed, adopt speed doubling technology, and use hard screen (most manufacturers use soft screen,Don't overemphasize the quality of hard and soft screens.
other parameters, such as dual screen, surround sound, output input interface, etc., can be selected according to their own needs.
let's talk about the situation of plasma: due to the manufacturing factors of plasma.
generally speaking, plasma is a large screen, so the resolution can be directly selected as full HD, Moreover, there is almost no trailing phenomenon in plasma. The previous screen burning phenomenon has been greatly reduced with the progress of technology, and its life is similar to that of liquid crystal. Moreover, the color is soft, the sense of hierarchy is strong, the dynamic is the best, and the liquid crystal is colorful.
for our common people.
they are all laymen, and the intuition of the eyes is the effect, But the eyes will cheat themselves.
the main function of the TV is to watch TV.
in addition to watching TV, there is also watching DVD. Generally speaking, the living room will be equipped with a home theater. In this way, the TV in the living room is large, and in addition to the TV program, it is watching DVD. Therefore, I suggest that plasma should be placed in the living room, LCD should be selected in the bedroom, and the size should be personal preference, and the resolution should be used, It's better to have multiple speed and 4-color backlight, and the smaller the response speed, the better.
sharp is the first choice for LCD.
next to Sony, because Sharp LCD is first-class and Sony's image processing technology is good.
choose plasma.
Panasonic is the first choice, followed by Hitachi.
the specific size and model parameters can be found on the official product website.
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