How about Wanda LCD Co., Ltd
Author:Chen Lili Time:2021-08-06 09:24 Browse(100)
It is suggested that you check number 114, suspected of illegal CX claiming to be recruited.
I suggest you check number 114, suspected illegal CX calling for recruitment... Swindlers have a certain trick.. Most of them pretend to be the staff of a famous international or domestic enterprise, or even the world's top 500 enterprises. They usually call themselves an assistant or a supervisor and look for contact information everywhere.. When you are called by the company, please have a thorough investigation and ask for a telephone interview. Then, for various reasons, let the candidates go to Shaoguan, Guangdong or Dongguan for training or direct work.. If you get there, you are likely to encounter personal control.... I haven't heard of it, but there are still a lot of third rate LCD companies. Although they can't compare with Samsung and LG, they also have development potential. You can go to the interview and have a look at the company..

How about Wanda LCD Co., Ltd

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