What are the LCD manufacturers in Japan
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-Ink, commonly known as "electronic black water", is a kind of technology. The screen made with this technology is called e-ink screen, or electronic paper.
-Ink, commonly known as "electronic black water", is a kind of technology. The screen made of this technology is called e-ink screen, or electronic paper.
electronic paper.

What are the LCD manufacturers in Japan

is not a kind of "paper". To be exact, it is a kind of ultra-thin and ultra light display screen, and its appearance is very close to that of ordinary paper, It can also be folded and rolled up.
we can understand it as "a thin, soft and erasable display like paper.
when we talk about electronic paper, we must talk about electronic ink.
figuratively speaking,
electronic paper is a thin film, and a layer of electrically charged material is" coated "on the film, This is the electronic ink.
it can also be seen as a thin embedded remote control display panel.
electronic ink is to seal many black and white particles with positive and negative charges in microcapsules, which produce different aggregation on the monitor surface due to different applied electric fields, In a broad sense, e-paper includes "paper type" flexible liquid crystal display.
in essence, there is no difference between e-paper and PC display. Compared with other e-paper based on non liquid crystal technology, this kind of product has a slight disadvantage in cost.
at present,
the best commercialized non liquid crystal e-paper technology is e-ink Technology (electrophoretic e-paper), Bridgestone's e-paper with electronic powder fluid technology is also favored by many manufacturers.
e-ink's e-paper is composed of e-ink and two substrates.
it is coated with an e-ink composed of numerous tiny transparent particles whose diameter is only half the size of human hair.
when the e-ink is applied to the paper, the e-ink is coated on the surface of the e-ink After a cloth or other flat objectIf people shock it properly, hundreds of millions of particles can change color, According to people's settings, the patterns and characters can be changed continuously.
as long as the colors of dyes and micro particles in the particles are adjusted,
the colors and patterns of e-ink can be displayed.
· the characteristics of e-paper.
e-paper has two forms: one is rewritable paper, which can be written repeatedly.
this kind of e-paper has the rewritability of content.
it can be rewritten arbitrarily Text or image can be rewritten and updated, and a large amount of content can be browsed, just like the commonly used erasable disc.
it is similar to the writing and image that must be discarded after one use Compared with printed paper,
electronic paper has great advantages.
it can be erased at any time.
it can be rewritten or entered again (even thousands or tens of thousands of times).
in this way, a lot of costs can be saved.
the other is the portable thin film display board.
its main feature is that the viewing and reading condition is better.
even if you gaze for a long time, your eyes will not feel tired, It can adjust and process the light sense on the surface.
it is equipped with CPU and semiconductor memory.
it is easy to use, easy to carry, and can read electronic documents or e-books with just a button.
the latest e-paper has integrated the built-in Wi Fi wireless technology in it.
it can download instant news, e-newspapers, e-books at any time Documents.
you can also carry a large number of documents with you.
you can modify and read them with a stylus.
the electronic notebook made of electronic paper bundles can be used to access digital data.
and can store information with the help of records, because electronic paper has the above-mentioned functions and utilization value, so it is easy to be accepted by users.
the electronic notebook is made of electronic paper bundles
in addition,
e-paper is also very suitable for naked eye reading.
due to the high contrast,
the text and image are clear, and no matter from which direction, reading is comfortable and easy.
power saving is also a major feature of e-paper.
after the text is refreshed, it will stay on the screen for a long time, and the battery can be removed when reading.
in other words,
there is no power consumption when reading, The battery life will be very long.
e-paper can also be folded and curled moderately.
it is light weight and easy to carry.
· problems in the development of e-paper.
the obstacles in the production of e-paper currently under development are the cost, display maintenance time, display cost, etc Driving voltage and reliability.
all kinds of printed matter such as books, magazines and newspapers are being digitized.
at the same time, the development of terminals for digital reading is also in progress.
the problem in this aspect is how to make the feeling of reading and reading close to that of using paper.
just "electronic paper" can't constitute a display.
as a necessary requirement, electronic paper can't form a display It also includes ensuring the contrast between the image part and the non image part, i.e. readability, eliminating or rewriting the original image and text, and reducing the energy consumption of image writing and saving.
of course.
in the next few years, the popularity of the Internet and PC will be greatly increased, and laser printers and other devices will be widely used Another important condition is the supply mechanism of content and services.
there is only electronic newspaper but no daily news.
sales are difficult to grow.
e-ink company of the United States has started a small amount of production in 2003.
e-ink company of the United States has been in production since 2003The e-paper developed by the company is a reflective panel that reflects external light without backlight.
in addition to e-ink, other companies are also taking active actions, including Sony, Fuji Xerox, Nippon ink, NEC, IBM, sharp, Toshiba, Canon, Bridgestone, etc, In the past, eink's e-paper was only 6 inches in size.
its application scope was only e-book, Now you understand why starebook and Hanlin V8 are both 6-inch screen and 4-level grayscale? The new electronic paper can be used in mobile phones, MP3 players, smart phones, electronic dictionaries The switching time of new e-paper is shortened from 1200ms to 740ms.
the fastest switching time of monochrome is also shortened from 500ms to 260ms.
the reflectivity is increased from 32-35% to 40%.
the gray level is increased from 2bit 4 to 3bit 8.
in the near future.
we can use e-ink e-books of various sizes, At the same time, eink has developed a new display controller "metronome 8t125100a" which can be produced at low cost.
the new controller integrates the processor function and storage function.
in this paper, the design of the new controller is introducedIt can reduce the number of components.
at the same time, because the metronome 8t125100a continues to support the Apollo controller with analog parallel printing interface.
therefore, the prototype design of the product can be easily completed.
the company will provide a development kit for trial production evaluation including metronome and APPOLO controller.
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