What is the best brand of LCD TV?
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Video quality
Video and audio quality TV is used to watch, so the video and audio effect is the most attractive when we choose TV. The video and audio quality mainly depends on the following components: the screen first, the LCD TV screen can account for 60-70% of the total cost, Its cost is directly related to the cost of LCD TV.
at present, the seventh generation LCD panel production line of upstream suppliers has been established.

What is the best brand of LCD TV?

a leap has been made in both cost and performance. Consumers can give priority to TV products with new panels when purchasing.
Sony, which is the first to establish the seventh generation LCD panel production line The s-lcd factory of Samsung joint venture is an example.
its production line has been able to produce 60000 pieces of substrates per month, and each substrate can cut 8 pieces of 40 inch or 6 pieces of 42 inch LCD screens, that is to say, it can support the monthly production of 480000 sets of 40 inch LCD TVs, greatly reducing the screen cost, and the resolution of the new screen is as high as 1366 × In addition,
the physical resolution of the screen is an important indicator to measure whether a TV reaches the high-definition level, and the physical resolution of the high-definition TV should reach at least 1280 × In August 2005, CCTV required dozens of domestic and foreign TV manufacturers to send their flat-panel TV products to the national authoritative testing agency, digital TV product quality testing laboratory for HD testing.
in the test results officially released in September, LCD TV basically passed, but most plasma TV failed, So when you buy an LCD TV, you don't have to worry about the physical resolution.
the backlight is different from the plasma screen.
the LCD screen itself doesn't emit light,The light we see comes from the backlight system at the back of the screen.
as we all know,
color is not the strong point of LCD TV. This is because the color range of the cold cathode backlight system currently used in LCD TV is only 75% of that of CRT TV, so the new technology of backlight system is worth paying attention to when purchasing, For example, a wide gamut cold cathode backlight system newly developed by Sony and exclusively applied in its V-series LCD TV, the color range of this new backlight system is increased by 30%, The color performance of a LCD TV is not only determined by the screen, but also by the internal integrated circuit video / audio processing chip, which is located between the signal receiving end and the display end and is responsible for lossless processing and signal optimization, In particular, the processing of high-definition signals can test the strength of manufacturers. Although these components do not account for a large proportion of the cost of the whole machine, they need to have deep technical accumulation and manufacturing knowledge in audio-visual field, Therefore, chips of well-known brands can give us more confidence.
apart from audio-visual effects, we attach the most importance to the life span.
at present, the nominal life span of flat-panel TVs is about 60000 hours, but the meaning is quite different: 60000 hours of plasma TV is the life span of the screen. After the life span, the screen, which accounts for 70% of the TV cost, will be scrapped and can only be replaced with a new one, Moreover, its pixels will gradually deteriorate with the use, affecting the image quality; The LCD TV screen does not have the problem of service life. 60000 hours refers to the service life of the backlight. As long as the quality of the TV itself is excellent and the backlight is replaced after the service life, it can get the same effect as the new TV. Although the new generation of flat panel TV has been launched for a relatively short time and the service life of the whole machine has not been verified, from the past experience,A CRT TV can be used for more than ten years. Japanese brands such as Sony and Hitachi should not disappoint people, while domestic and Korean brands can only be tested by time.
finally, don't ignore the problem of compatibility.
nowadays, LCD TV can not only watch TV programs and movie CDs, but also be used as computers, digital cameras, digital cameras, digital TV sets, etc As the display terminal of digital equipment such as digital cameras, rich interfaces are very important.
at present, all LCD TVs are equipped with traditional interfaces such as composite video terminal, s terminal and component input terminal.
when purchasing, it is necessary to pay attention to the VGA interface that can be connected to the computer, The HDMI high-definition digital multimedia interface can leave us more room for expansion.
finally, we should remind that.
intuitive feeling is an important basis to measure the TV effect. If you want to understand the actual effect of a TV, you should not only read the shopping guide and evaluation articles, but also go to the store to verify it with your eyes and ears, so as to feel the real high-quality LCD TV's performance in terms of definition, color, color, color and so on

Sony, Samsung, Hisense, LG, Philips.
the best screen ratio is 16:9.
digital signal transmission is the general trend.
and the ratio of 16:9 is adopted.
if you buy a machine as an expedient, use it temporarily, In the future, if you want to change your house or machine, you should buy a 4:3 screen first, which is the most comfortable way to watch the programs transmitted by analog signal.
but if you want to get there in one step,
you need to consider buying a 16:9 screen TV.
if you want to get there in one step, you need to buy a 16:9 screen TVThe reasonable viewing distance of LCD TV is about 4 times the size of TV screen.
for example,
for 21 inch TV, the best viewing distance is 2.13 meters; 29 inch TV, the best viewing distance is 2.95 meters.
so when you buy LCD TV, you can't be greedy for big TV or small TV for low price. You should decide the screen size of LCD TV according to the size of your home space.
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